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  1. We had the 5 cell and jumped it with a Storm with matching wingloading. They were both 90 something in size and I think we loaded at 2.0. We found them to be very compatible, at least for 2 way. We only had the two, so couldn't test larger numbers. Sharon RedLine
  2. Final standings for NZA CRW canopies- 3rd for the Aussies on the 5 cell and 8th for us on our JFXs. The JFX canopy is awesome, so much fun to fly and I can't say that about many CRW canopies. It may not be the best for 2 way because it is so responsive and easy to get rocking, although I believe that with more time to specialize in 2 way it could be flown with the finesse necessary to excel. I do think for rotations and sequential it is great. It's time to move CRW canopies into this millennium. NZA fuck yeah! Sharon
  3. I will always remember the awesome red heels you wore to the wedding, and yes, you did look better in them than Craig! Miss you. Sharon
  4. Way to go chicks. Congratulatioions!!! Sharon RedLine CRW team
  5. My feet actually look pretty good because they only rarely have been in anything besides running shoes and tevas for years, so maybe we can discuss it. Must come with complimentary team cocktail.
  6. Well after being mentioned by name... I am wondering - is this normal for CRW??? Have I fallen in with a bad crowd??? Yes. Yes. I have read about this electronic bullying - but never thought it would happen to me! Shut up and read your email. At least they didn't make you light your self on fire while you were under the small experimental canopy. Thanks Frank, great idea, wish we'd thought of that. Maybe for the Oka boogie? PS Chris. What are you making for dinner? and I'm a bit parched! Sharon
  7. A year without your smile. I thought of you as I made coffee this morning. We miss you so much. Sharon
  8. It's been a year my dear friend. I miss you every day. Sharon
  9. Thanks, JP for starting the condolence thread. I tried to do it all day yesterday and couldn't find the strength. What can I say that will do justice to the two incredible teammates we lost Sunday. Robby, you were a delight to have as a teammate. Your enthusiasm and energy were infectious, and brought a spark to a "seasoned" team like RedLine. Thanks for your tireless help on landings, while I'll probably never become much of a swooper, you never lost patience with me, and always gave me the feeling you had faith in me that I could build up the courage to enjoy the speed and "wait for it". Those blind mans you did with our JFXs were hot. And those times when Scott knew I was having a down day and would say to you, "Robby, smile at Sharon", because he knew I could not resist your smile. It lit up the world for me, and the world will always be a little darker without it. You are so talented and accomplished at everything you do, it was a pleasure and inspiration to watch. I so enjoyed hanging out at the Lodi sequentials and watching you organize. I especially appreciated the invitation to invitation only events – invited to come, but not to jump! And to reiterate what others have said, I've never met anyone so genuinely kind, caring and nice as you. I'll miss you so much. Sharon
  10. Thanks, JP for starting the condolence thread. I tried to do it all day yesterday and couldn't find the strength. What can I say that will do justice to the two incredible teammates we lost Sunday. Barb, I will miss you so much. After years of jumping with all these guys, you can just get "guyed" out. Having a gal pal was such fun. Whether we were commiserating over landings, complaining about bad hair days, or just giggling over the latest "as the prop turns" story, it was so nice to have you to hang with. Over the years we've been a lot of places together. Remember in Finland hiding the Jack Daniels bottles (well, until we drank Finland out of Jack) in our drawers because we weren't allowed alcohol. And the tailgate exit from the MI8 helicopter! Still my favorite jump ship. And so good being at the world record together in 2007. We tend to let the same insecurities nag at us, and we were good at helping each other rise above them. Your drive and determination and strength at the record were an inspiration. Barb you were also so good at other athletic pursuits. An outstanding skier, and avid cyclist and hiker, you were always on the go. That Mount Whitney climb you did this summer was awesome. And so proud of your children. Your eyes shone when you were telling us how well Alex was doing in his hang gliding (or is it paragliding) competitions, and how proud you were of Susan after you both finished the Mt. Whitney climb. I hope they will take strength and inspiration from your example, and find some peace in knowing how much you were loved. It's so sad and unfair that after the years you had to put skydiving on the back burner to make your way up the seniority ladder, now when you were so happy to have a Monday to Friday schedule and weekends off to jump, now you don't get to. But I will cherish this season we had. There is no way I could ever convey how much you will be missed. Sharon
  11. I'll add a little to what hook2roo said. We just got our Rok helmets, so we haven't been jumping them long, but they are very comfortable and our Oakleys fit easily and comfortably under the helmet. We like them better than anything else we've used. And the customer service from Cookie was great. Sharon RedLine
  12. Hi Kristin, I jump at The Parachute Center in Lodi (for more than 20 years) and have seen many. many disabled folks make tandems there. I cannot speak to your particular set of issues, but I suggest give Bill Dause a call and explain your circumstances. My bet is they can handle it. Sharon
  13. Hi Siddacious, I see your profile says Byron. Come on out to Lodi and see the canopies for yourself. We're there most weekends (although not so often now that nationals is over). Sharon RedLine
  14. CJ [boyfalldown], where are you? email me at [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks, Sharon