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  1. Mate of mine on his JVX 77 swooping a killer whale last weekend up in Whangeri New Zealand. Just thought i'd share :-)
  2. No worries! Was just a bit of fun
  3. I've flown both Peregrines and Petra's ;-) Tried to upload a photo... Chris.
  4. I loved the landings. I was quite shocked by how well you can swoop this canopy .. if you so desired. Chris.
  6. It's a DZ called Skydive Surf side. In NSW Australia. One of the prettiest DZ's i've been lucky to jump at. The costal winds make things a little awkward sometimes.. but who doesn't like a challenge! ? :P
  7. Hey it's a Petra 79, I'm loading it at 2.4 :-)
  8. I took my Petra on holiday this Christmas to a stunning DZ in Australia. Did a nice bit of freeflying some coaching and well had a damn good time. Just thought you guys might like to see how nice this canopy is for everyday jumping :-)