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  1. I jumped there several years ago and had fun. Recently, I went with a friend who was learning to skydive, and with their new management, I found the atmosphere arrogant and and inhospitable. I'm glad I learned at a friendly and helpful place or I wouldn't have pursued the sport. If you're an aspiring jumper give this place a pass.
  2. Went to 3 dropzones and checked them out. The first one returned my money. I guess they don`t like to read negative comments in aviation news. The second one charged 100 dollar for the packing course and I learned that the rubber band is made to stretch. A skydiver told me about Taft and I went to Skydive Taft. Holy poo poo, what a difference!! There was Melissa. She became and still is my coach. She taught me tracking and docking whith such ease and I made my A license. Daryn finished me off with my packing course. After packing my parachute he said I have to use it now. What can I say? The sucker open up and Daryn didn`t even tell me that the rubberband are made to stretch and there is Alex, who is so nice he even gives you a laughter when you tell him a bad joke.They are all very nice and there is nobody with an attitude. You come with a lot of anger and grumpy and when the day is done you go home with a smile on your face. They open their arms and welcome you. What a dropzone! I found my home dropzone and I keep my promise not to tell everyone because they (we) would like to stay small and concealed.