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  1. I'm glad you asked. I spent more than a year gathering the same kind of information that you're asking about. My transition was Birdman Firebird, TonySuit T, R and then S. The T, R and S suits were all rentals from Wicked Wingsuits which I HIGHLY recommend you do; they've got a great product and excellent customer service. My goal was to stop up-sizing at the S and that's what I've done. My purpose in buying an S was purely for time and distance; no flocking, no base, no funny stuff. I'm the only wingsuiter in the state that I live in so, most of my jumps are solo, from a Cessna @ 12K', on a downwind jump run, 6 miles out. My GR bumps up around 3:1 most days; worst case 2.7:1. Vv in the low to mid 30s mph, Vh around 125 mph all documented by the Flysight GPS. The pull is never a problem, if you do it right: knees bent, feet and knees together generally clears all the fabric out of the way, so the hackey is very accessible. I get long, stable very enjoyable rides with the S. And, it's always amazing to me that I'm going to get out of this airplane way the hell over here and glide this wingsuit way the hell over there! You'll probably want more diversity in your wingsuiting than the way I prefer to do it, but I am totally impressed with what it allows me to do. Go far, go fast and go long. That's the long answer. The short answer is that I found the transition from suit-to-suit not difficult at all, but I'm very cautious and don't like surprises. I've always heeded the sage advice of guys like Lurch and taken the process slowly, so the transitions have gone well. The people at TonySuit said that "you'll love the S" and I really do.
  2. You're not alone. My email request FFI has gone unanswered for more than a week. Tony easily won my ad hoc responsiveness, i.e., customer service indicator survey.