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  1. deepseadiver06


    I recently paid a visit to Israel and thought of trying the Be'er Sheva DZ. It soon became evident that communication by email is not active. I received no reply to many emails I ve sent. Also, the phone number posted at the site is not a valid Israeli number. An inquiry by email to the Israeli Parachute Association remained unanswered but a friend provided the correct phone number: 00972 - 8- 6103897. Most times you ll get no reply but an answering message in Hebrew. But if you are patient and try during working hrs someone will answer and give you some basic info in English. The DZ is not located in Be'er Sheva but to a nearby airfield called: Sede Timar. The day I drove there was pretty windy but since I received no reply to many calls I decided to drive all the way there to try my luck. Upon arrival to Be'er Sheva I asked ask several locals to give me directions to Sede Timar airfield. Most people appeared not to know it but some were able to tell me where the nearby Israeli Air Force Museum is and from there I managed to find the DZ. Upon arrival to the DZ office I asked to talk to the CCI. A friendly gentleman politely explained to me that they ve just taken over the management of the DZ and they are in the midst of a complete reorganisation. He promised that the website and email communication will be active in 3-4 weeks. He also explained that currently they are trying to build up everything from scratch and a month or more will be required before they operate normally again. He also explained that due to the high price of fuel at that part of the country running the DZ efficiently poses some severe problems. Anyway, I wish them good luck and hope someone else will update us soon about developments at this DZ, which is located at a beautiful part of Israel.
  2. Hi Hope you ve found answers so far. If not, AFF courses are run there normaly during the weekend, but, it might be possible to jump during selected weekdays. Yes, its BPA regulated. Extremely friendly environment. Overall, an excellent DZ. Pay a visit at their site: www.skydiving-cyprus.comm and get in touch with George.
  3. I ve recently done AFF levels 7-8 and 10 consolidated jumps at Seville. 12 jumps in three sunny days. I found the overall experience amazing. Directions and help to hire a car and book a nearby hotel were excellent. Everything, readily available. It was my first time in Spain and had no problem at all to find the place. Excellent BPA and USPA instructors, dedicated to the cause, always with a smile! Vast availability of all types of rigs and jumpsuits and plenty of riggers working non-stop to avoid any delay. Efficient manifest. All jumps filmed at no extra cost. Debriefing is done using video facilities. The landing area is huge and obstascles-free. Reliable planes taking you very fast to 15K. Alex, the pilot, absolutely fantastic, eager to show you his plane and explain everything to the enthusiast! The bar was packed with people even in December! The nearby traditional village hotel was cheap and has an excellent restaurant. Seville, with a great night life, is only 20 mins away. Last, but not least, abundant sunshine, enen sunbathing in the midst of December!! Overall, highly recommended.
  4. I ve recently done my AFF course at Nethers. Being a military para and having jumped in many countries all over the world, I think that I am in a position to make valid comparisons. I found Netheravon (APA and the Joint Services Parachute Centre) an excellent place to train and jump. AFF course co-ordination has been excellent with a definite flavour of personal treatment. All the instructors (including former national champions and current Red Devils) are fully dedicated to the cause. All AFF jumps are filmed and debriefing is carried out using video facilities. Pefect landing area, actually the biggest in Europe. There has always been availability of rigs,jumpsuits and related equipment. The manifest, recently equipped with screens placed at key points, works very efficiently. Staff is extremely friendly. The bar and restaurant are really good. Free accommodation at bunkers is available during weekends. MOD police at the main gate are always smiling and polite. It takes less than 5 minutes to get in, even in busy days. Overall, highly recommended.
  5. I have recently done my AFF course at Netheravon, UK, with the Army Parachute Association and completed the consolidated jumps (and AFF 7-8) at Seville (due to ... weather conditions!!). Regarding Nethers: First class treatment, indeed! Dedicated instructors, excellent course coordination, friendly atmosphere, the biggest DZ in Europe, efficient reception and manifest, a great bar and restaurant and free accommodation at the bunkers during the weekend! SKYDIVE SPAIN (Seville) was also great. Excellent USPA and BPA instructors, a great plane, perfect overall treatment, magnificent weather, friendly atmosphere, nice bar and restaurant and a good nearby hotel. Overall, a perfect combination for my AFF course. THANK YOU ALL!!