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  1. I just can't get over something. If Scott did not tell anyone that he was leaving for a few days (friends, family, room-mate, etc.), how did "mike" know that he would be gone in order to pull this hoax? And if he was the only person that Scott told about leaving, shouldn't it be pretty easy to figure out who "Mike" is? I don't know, I guess I am obsessing over something that is none of my business. Sorry.
  2. Ok, something does add up here to me. -Where was he going that it took 3 days to get there? -Why was his phone off the entire time? -Who goes on vacation without informing their family, girlfriend or EMPLOYER that they will be gone? -Why did he tell his girlfriend that he was just going for a jump? -Why did he not call her as he said he would? Not to be a cynical ***, but it sounds like he was involved, but the prank/stunt got a little out of hand and he decided to cover his ***. I apologize if I am wrong and if I am just stirring the pot, but it just seem weird to me.
  3. Ok, I usually don't post here, occasionly lurk, but not post. Last night, though, I couldn't sleep and started thinking about different wingsuit designs, why they fly, etc. (I don't fly a wingsuit btw), so I decided I would ask some of you guys here. It was wondering, has anyone at Birdman or Pheonix Fly designed or tested a suit where the wings extend from the wrists down to the ankles instead of the hips? Would this fly better or it there just to much going on here? I "photoshoped" a photo off of Birdman's site to show what I mean. Please excuse my poor abilities with Photoshop.