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  1. LOL Jim, I didn't remember that you were Jakdeath. I've used/read the newsgroup from 1997 up to 2008. Good times and entertainment for sure. And for me you'll always be Jimbo. ;) Skydive World - Skydiving Resources Worldwide
  2. R.I.P. Rev Condolences to his family and friends. Skydive World - Skydiving Resources Worldwide
  3. Me, the lurker - @nne from / A few more names [besides those posted already] that popped up in my wreck.skydiving archive. Rita Ippoliti [kryos] - R.I.P. Toni [ynotssor] DJ Mike [Mom] Tandmterry Jan Meyer Rhonda Lea Kirk Paul Quade Don Jardin John Kallend David Feree George Rabe - R.I.P. Tom Birdwell Tom Olsen Charlene Kerr Jakdeath Ron Schott Jim [Cricket] Don Jardin [treetop] Povl H. Pedersen Gary Fox Bruce Chapman [Fastsftail] Martin Evans CRW Mike Ann T. Poblenz [AirAnn?] Ofiddle Marty [General Stark] Mark Harju Yuri Kuznetsow Skip Smith Keith Grossman Jeanjeanie Mike Mullins Kevin O'Connell Cris G Mike Turoff Peter Lucas Nervous Nick Skydive World - Skydiving Resources Worldwide
  4. Damn right, Bozo! And I agree to everything you and Rhonda said about Rita. I agree with a few others too, yes, Rita was not made for skydiving. Her jump stories often scared the living hell outta me, and I was glad when she stopped jumping. But besides being a "bad skydiver", Rita was a great human being with a zest for life, a big heart and some bad ass humor! Blue skies, Rita, fly free. I bet Jan "Devil" is waiting in those blue skies to share some rec.skydiving memories. ...I just noticed that I joined exactly 10 years ago today! Now look at my post count..... (f'cking funny!) Skydive World - Skydiving Resources Worldwide
  5. Blue skies, Adrian! Spread your wings, fly free! My heart goes out to Katarina, Ella, his family and friends. Anne Skydive World - Skydiving Resources Worldwide