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  1. Please school me on the facts... you have yet to do so.
  2. Pay no attension to the liberals behind the curtane!!!! I love it when they wont respond to facts.
  3. And what are the illiterate voting on these days? Yup, you got that one nailed. I always love how liberals ask a question to answer another question. Damn do you all have any answers???? "change" What kind of change??? "change" What do you want to change???? "change" Can you answer any questions? "change" You sure are bright!!!
  4. It is amazing how ignorant the average liberal is. It is straight up bumper sticker politics. Everbody kept saying they wanted more people to vote. Now the ignorant is voteing based apon bumperstickers. Ignorance is bliss. Dumb liberals.
  5. By how much did the mean temperature increase over the past fifty years? What about the past twenty-five years. It's important to look at proper intervals and examine higher derivatives of the average temperatures, otherwise we end up with data that is nearly meaningless. You are correct that the data you did/didn't provide is useless. Let me give you a hint. In the last 50 years the liberals have gone from global warming to global cooling back to global warming. You tell me about useless data, try talking to the liberals about made up data.
  6. And what would you expect from a liberal city???? You might want to check out what the DNC and Denver have come up with for their convension
  7. First i would like for you to tell me how global warming is a major issue when the av. anual temp has only risen 1.4 F in the last century.
  8. The cool thing is that i have someone i pay to do comp. classes so i dont have to. Maybe your ignorant source failed there reading class. You are incorrect. If you would open your eyes and actually read my post you would have seen some facts. Such as the temp has only risen 1.4 F in the last century. Damn facts suck dont they. So were is Al Gore with his lies know??? Ignorance is bliss. Do some fact checking. CNN is a left leaning web add. congress voit to goto war as did Bush. every other country beleived the same thing as Bush. Sadams highest personel beleived he had WMD. Try reading a little, and no i am not talking about your college news paper made by Mr Liberal proffesor. Its ok that is something that happens when you are learning rather than going along with the flow of your liberal professor. Do know Kallend personally?????
  9. I am one of the most open minded people you will ever talk to!!!! Please ask anybody that knows me. I am open to a conversation that is presented by another open minded person, not the typical ignorant person that will answer your question with another question. And i meant their. But that is my point, you knew what i meant and instaead of contributing to the topic at hand, you chose to point out what everbody else already knew. I CAN NOT SPELL. No shit sherlock!
  10. Not like you could change your mode of transportation. You and rhys sure are bright Me and my wife both drive very big veh. (navigator and F250 truck) Just cuase you may see someone in a big vehicle does not mean that is all that ever drives in that veh. Just cuase i dont have my wife and 3 kids with me when your sweating bullets thinking of how much gas/ diesel we are burning, does not mean squat. So take a breath and think about the fact that just cuase you can get away with a pinto / Geo does not mean everyone can
  11. If you would check your facts you would find out that the US is one of the most giving/donating countrys in the world. If not the most. Try again. And it's citizens kill each other at a higher rate than any other western industrialized nation. ATTENTION ALL KALLEND HAS MADE AN IGNORANT COMENT (go figure) That has no a damn thing to do with this coment. I said they are giving/ caring people. If you want to start that talk then take if to another thread and i will school you on how the libs. are to blame for that and illegal imigration
  12. Yes i am and no i dont give a damn about the animals in Africa. That is there problem! We have enought problems in the US like trying to get liberals to open there eyes and bring facts to conversations. You call me what ever you what just remember who the ignorant broke person is. And i dout you could get a job where i work cuase i own the place and i dont hire loud mouth punks Better luck elsewhere.
  13. I was talking F not C so go ahead and keep changing the facts. Hey Mr grammer you see that little "?" symbol. Do you know what that means????? That means that this one guy is not even sure on his own quote of temp. OMG you mean this one guy does not even know if his made of info is true or not that he is preeching about at an enviromental convention???? This is one persons opinion. Try bringing facts to the table.
  14. Judging by your picture i will bet i am a little older than you I was speaking of lib scare tactics in the fact of my post about there ignorant view on global warming. Spelling and grammar has never made me a dollar, but i am very well off. So you keep concentrating on spelling and gram. and i will keep making money I know what i am talking about. If you have any facts on the subject then please present them. Otherwise i know i cant spell so your job is done.
  15. It wasn't until I started skydiving that I realised how thin the atmosphere actually is, while at 15000' We need oxygen to breath properly, the horizon is still flat and the ground is relatively close compared to the size of the earth. Bearing this in mind and looking at the pollution in large cities and the thickness of the haze that IS Manmade It is quite obvious that the discharge we all produce on different levels is in fact effecting our sensitive atmosphere. If you cannot grasp this then you are an idiot. And what evidence have you presented???? Ohh none. All any of us can base BS global warming is on ignorant liberal money motivated scientist. If yolu would have read the other web adds. you would have seen that the earth has only risen 1.4 F in the last century. That is fact. So how much are we causing????? How long have car and air plains been around??? Figure out our min. impact yourself. I gues you should quit driving and skydiving so you can save earth...