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  1. Setting up a flat top, wondering what the usual system is? What is the difference in the in the moounting systems? Battery pack size? SLaved flash? Etc. etc. Thanks for any help
  2. Just wondering if there were any dates? Any at all? (Andy Help us....) It'd be cool to see a nine cell comp. again... Thanks.
  3. I hooked in dec. 7... No insurance.... about 80K in hospital bills etc, but who cares they can't take what I ain't got... But now I need insurance before I jump again, and everytime I apply I get rejected... Any thoughts similiar problems? Solutions? I wouuld prefer to avoid a high risk health care plan..
  4. Got mine about 40 jumps ago, and won't jump without it, this said it was defective when I got it, altitude alarms worked but all stats were way wrong, i tried all settings to correct, and the gave up and just used it for alarms, hesitant to email or send it off because its my only audible, well i finally emailed l&B and told them the story and they are sending me a brand new one!! And then I can send the old one back.. These guys aren't playing and they are pure capitalists either. They are for the sport and for us, Buy one BUy two you will be pleased..
  5. sorry I know this is a BASE forum,, but I wa shoping someone would know a spot around sf, ground launching is for weathered out days and I still have to drive 2 hours to get to a spot, bs, anyhelp or sugguestions would be cool, thanks Kritter
  6. Dude, not to say I am an expert, 40/50 gl's but here are the basics. Get yourself a worthless piece of shit, canopy and harness, lines black but in trim, and co ntainer with a leg throw out aka obsolete and cheap, the next is location, get to the coast and find an 60-80 foot dune that faces into the wind. Go out on a 5-10 mph day and learn to kite you parachute efficiently and consistently,once you can walk it around and keep it above your head usind brake lines rear riser and fronts to move it around the window, then and only then consider the launch, if it s at a dune or the beach you cant get hurt too bad, PM me if you need more help, but learn to kite your rig first, and dont use your skydiving rig, Be safe blue skies,
  7. I realize at sub 100 i am not very experienced and maybe not enough so to add the complications of a camera, but the draw is still there. For now I primarily want a camera so I can firewire with others and get their footage instead of bartering/conning them into getting me video onto a disc or other medium. Many have said Pc105, and I know only sony, my question is with the unavailability of 105's what is my next best option...or do I just continue to hunt ebay for some housewifes old baby cam? Any help would be great, sorry its such a long post, Peace Kritter outta Hollister
  8. New to the sport @ 13 jumps, need to buy a rig and stop renting. Do I buy something in the 190 size now, or keep renting till I'm Flying a 170 and buy it (still used)? Which is cheaper and easier? Thanks.