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  1. STAG

    RC: Dallas People

    Oh yeah, I love to get the ol Gary Fisher out from time to time. From what I've gathered here, Grapevine is a nice area with "up and up" people?
  2. STAG

    RC: Dallas People

    Rent apt. for 6-12 months.
  3. STAG

    RC: Dallas People

    I am looking for extremely hot 18-25yr women, and a decent place to take them. That is all... Thanks JohnDeere, may take ya up on that..
  4. STAG

    RC: Dallas People

    So my job may be moving me to Dallas. Office is right by DFW near Grapevine. Anyone have suggestions on cool areas to live for a single 25yr male? How is Skydive Dallas?
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. Im not in that position now, but have often wondered.
  6. Anyone have experience changing the dates on a flight booked through expedia? The destination will remain the same but dates will change. Is this easy, hard, or impossible?
  7. The top half of the display is still there, but the bottom half is blank. I can still read the altitude, but only the top half of the numbers. Happened last weekend in the middle of a jump. Anyone ever had this happen, or know any attempt fixes at the problem?
  8. STAG

    Sony CX7

    Looking for recommendations on memory stick size. Is 2gb big enough to hold an hour or two of footage? What is suffice for a long day of jumping without having to worry about memory capacity? More generally if you own one, post pros/cons here.
  9. RE: ... it's just important to remember how vital first impressions are. ------------------------------------- TI's spending time with their student prior to and post jump is vitally important. It makes students feel comfortable and active in possessing knowledge for skydiving. AFF: Every student progression has its pros and cons. As a graduate of the aff system, a few static line jumps, and a tandem, the aff program was perfect. Of the 7 levels, I had 5 or 6 different instructors, allowing me to meet and interact with experienced staff in the sky, each of which was very positive in every regard. Of the 9-10 students in my classroom session, 2 or 3 of them have stuck around, and share similar jump numbers. I can not say a bad thing about the aff system! "Skygods": Being a 22 yr new comer, I have seen my fare share of the "skygod" attitude. It gives me a good smirk, but it turns most away. Ego's are the killer. Cheers, Zac D.
  10. As a packer, we like to play "Let the bodies hit the Floor". It gets some great reactions from students.
  11. Shooting off a Fire Extinguisher in the computer lab.
  12. STAG

    Rawa Helmets

    What is the consensus on the best place to purchase Rawa helmets? The helmet has been reccomended to me as something I can use comfortably now, and will also be easy to mount a camera to in 80-90 more jumps. Any info. appreciated