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  1. I am spending the winter in Sarasota ( I come from Scotland) and as invited to spend Christmas with some good friends in Salisbury NC. I asked how long it would be to make the trip thinking they would say two days. They said around 10 hours. WhenI asked others I was amazed to find drining 700 miles in one go was the norm and not the exception. As it turns out it took ten and a half hours (including fuels stops) and I know that there must be bigger trips done solo. So I want to find the longest non stop trip taken teo categories. Distance travelled in one continious journey., and Longest time spend behind the wheel? Let the bragging begin. Also if any skydivers in the Sarasota area, would like to hook up for a beer let me know as I am here until the end of April and don't know may folks in the area.
  2. I am heading over to Florida for the winter (I live is Scotland), as I have some work commitments that will take me to Sarasota through to April. I used to jump in Europe and five years ago slowed down and eventually stopped, as jump buddies moved away and I had usually jumped overseas so did not have a UK DZ I kept my brand new rig and even had it repacked fairly regularly, however it has not been touched in 18 months so I decided as I plan to get back in the breeze, to unpack the main and let it breath a bit. It came out like a brick, but I got it spread out and then kept it stored in a large black plastic garbage bag. However as I have to ship it out in ten days when I went to pack it properly ( i always sucked at packing - and needed a little help) I spent two hours, wrasslin this thing and inventing some new (and I think quite good) swear words. So is there anyone in Edinburgh or near to Edinburgh that would be able to help me get this thing back in the rig, so I can ship it. I know I know.... pathetic ! but after all this forum is all about sharing and caring!!! I hope. Any volunteers PM me, thanks Oh yeah beer etc goes without saying.
  3. I just wondered if there were any folk who had ever jumped an intentional cutaway rig, who after the planned cutaway went on to have a mal that required another cutaway? It was started but a conversation on risk statistics. and I just wondered if anyone had experiences this or knew of anyone else who had!
  4. I found this old clip on a vintage newsreel website, it has some cool old clips I liked http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=21894 plus http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=28280 You will doubtless find a few others including this one http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=24109 which is very typical of its era, plenty of smokes, before and after testing a new parachute. It has a pilot chute, which pulls out a larger pilot chute which pulls out the main. No sound on some of the clips as it is a subscription website I think. A good source of new 'vintage' material.
  5. Whilst trying to solve the mysteries of the universe, with two equally unqualified buddies - both jumpers, (we cracked it in about three beers, so was a good exchange of ideas) we then discussed what position would an unconscious skydivers body naturally fall? I thought they would go into a butt to earth shuttlecock position, another fellow thought they may tumble. So simple curiousity got the better of us and a bet was made. I guess it may be different scenarios create different outcomes, but if anyone can help settle a bet that would be appreciated.
  6. I have written a number of books on peak performance and success, and six weeks ago had a new book come out, based around the mindset of champion golfers. (Whoa don't flame me yet, I will get to the point pronto!) I wanted to explore why those consistent winners were able to perform at their best when the pressure was at its greatest. You can easily make the analogy for competition skydiving. The conclusion is that the top performers under pressure focus on outcome not process. Which is consistent with the top freeflyers when I ask them how they transition, they generally tell you they do it without thinking. Secondly they have immense self confidence, they are not arrogant, but have great faith in their ability to execute the shot (in golf) or move in skydiving. But it was the third aspect I found the most revealing it appears that they get into the present moment (the zone) where time stands still and there is no emotion, they are not thinking they are just doing. The reason I ask this, is I am curious about the following and would like some feedback as I am thinking of writing an article for skydivers, based on these principles. So my questions is twofold. Do you find the best skydivers of all disciplines get beyond thinking, or are they very self aware? Second question have you met any natural skydivers who got worse with too much instruction? I have found when I tried to freefly I had a head full of do's and dont's and was trying too hard, which I now believe is the wrong state of mind. I am not plugging the golf book (no title given) just want to give some background as to why I am curious. "Bought a new fancy top of the range vacuum last week. Man it sucks!!!"
  7. I was a tv producer for many years, both cable and network. As a rule cable had very tight budgets ("can you make it for $8000 per hour"?) the young producers keen to get a show on anywhere went "sure", with the crew and cast often not getting paid, as the big money comes in series two. Which never happpens as the cable company rerun the first series endlessly Also serious production companies don't tend to use googlemail, hotmail or yahoo e-mail addresses. Unless they are hoping to get a ton of private mails, and collect a good mailing list to sell on. Gee I do sound cynical, and my burnt fingers would explain why. The original poster may want to get a cast set up then sell the show to a cable network. This may be well developed but it doesn't sound like it This could be genuine, but It wouldn't take a researcher too long to go to 4 or 5 larger DZ's, tell folks about the show and find their cast (through recommendations and interviews) that way rather than this open casting which is pretty amateur and random approach, from my experience. By the time I finished my AFF at Eloy 5 years ago, I could have cast this show there and then. The original poster could easily confirm the cable company, number of episodes, budget, filming schedule airing dates and a whole host of stuff if this was the real deal. So I would suggest anyone seriously thinking about getting involved needs to know more and get answers. Oh yeah! one more thing.......If anyone wants to star in my new reality tv series "Around the World in 80 Beers" let me know. I haven't got a budget, or real interest from the industry but guy at my local community cable company says if I film it, He will broadcast it....maybe!!. Bring your own Advil!! "Read the small print!!!.......I didn't read the big print
  8. I have recently returned from Indoa, and whilst in Goa I saw a beach launched parasail set up. I was amazed by the steering method, and given that the canopies were in the sun most of the day, I felt this could be an accident waiting to happen. I havent aclue about the wing loading, and i guess the speed of the boat would make a difference. So my question does this look safe and normal? What do you imagine the wing loading could be? and as the wind is always from the sea, if the boat lost power how fast would they land. Here is the link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukFYvAmFxzs not sure how to make it clicky. Happy Holidays folks. Alas I got the shits in India big time so it didn't work out as happy holidays for me :o) but boy did I lose some weight
  9. I have interviewed folks for jobs who had skydiving in their CV's. When I asked them about it, and they revealed a tandem or static line experience. I figured they were misrepresenting themselves, and it went against them (none got hired). I have not jumped for two years so no longer consider myself a skydiver, but someone who has skydived. It is basically no big deal, but I think be yourself and don't look for labels to define yourself. But I think in answer to your questions, skydivers are current ex-skydivers are not. But if it gets you laid.................!!!!! who cares :o)
  10. I have two rigs, as I had planned to sell the old one when the new one arrived. However circumstances prevented me from jumping in over a year, and both need reserve repacks, It looks like I will get back for a two week jump vacation in September, so should I unpack the canopies and put them in trash bags (still attached to the harness) or leave them packed in the rigs. I have read about rigs packed for over two years then jumped, but was thinking it would be easier on the system to let it out for a vacation so to speak. "The older I get..........the better I was"
  11. Before the now standard belly to earth 'box' position, was accepted as the standard norn. What was the suggested freefall position given to aviators? I have seen some black and white footage taken in the early 50's of a test jumper, arm crossed over belly reserve and legs together, he appeared to be slowly tumbling in a head up position. I know in WW2 pilots were told to clear the aircraft and pull, but wondered if there was another position (Early FF pioneers perhaps!!)
  12. I am in Austin for three days (14-17th jan) from the UK and am looking for a good bar/diner to hang out in after sundown, any suggestions
  13. Extra thick parachutes? LMAO! Laugh I think they meant extra large, I believe they were jumping Navigator 280's Mind you extra thick has a nice ring to it.
  14. I am coming over from Lndon in a week to work for for a while and thought i may bring my rig, which is the nearest DZ. I will be based in Bellevue, and wondered if there is somewhere within an hour or so. Thanks
  15. I was watching a documentary about he Apollo space programme and their journey to orbit, then subsequently land on the moon. I was interested to find out more about their parachute system, as a skydiver I am very familiar with the implications of two-out situation, or a reserve main entanglement. The film showed the Apollo capsule under thre large round parachutes, I am just curious how these are deployed to avoid an entanglement. Are they staggered? Just curious. Plus the packing, How much would a packer get for doing all three? .....:o)
  16. I travel a great deal in Europe, and though I live in the UK do most of my jumping in Spain, so the idea was to have one rig permanently based at the Spanish DZ, so when in Europe I could fly directly to Spain and have a rig over there. But I agree the money would be better invested in tunnel time and Jjump tickets. I think I will probably sell the older rig later this year, and decide which canopy to jump after I get 50+ jumps on the Safire2. I need to travel less and jump more!
  17. I will be collecting my new rig next week, which is the same made ( newer model) than my current rig a Vector 3. In my current rig I have a Spectre 190, which I am very happy with , I like the openings and am comfortable with the flying part. When I ordered the new rig I was not sure if I should get the same canopy or try something else, I spoke to a lot of people who had curiously a lot of different opinion. Some said best to have the same canopy in both containers others said at the 190 size it didn't make a ton of difference. I then got a wonderful deal on a Safire2 189 (only 80 jumps) so I bought that. I doubt that I will be doing many back to backs in the future (I may if I win the lottery). But there will be times when i will have to use them both. any thoughts on the wisdom of having two different canopies? The main comment I got was going from 7 cell to 9 cell you will find it easier to land. This may be a how long is a piece of string question, b ut if anyone has personal experience of jumping a 7 and a 9 cell regularly I would like their thoughts. Thanks "Common sense is the least common of all senses". ***
  18. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, all welcome and I was certain that I could get back to belly from any orientation, before beginning the sit fly stuff. Having thought about it, I everything in the air is cause and effect. So the high speed spin on my back was caused by a rogue leg out which at high speed the effect was to spin me with the energy I had gained with the increased speed. I went to plan B (ball up)but the speed made that too hard, that casued me to tense up, the effect of which is to create more spin. the main thing I now believe is I failed to relax, i tried to fight it rather than like a judo master convert the energy of the spin into a flip. I have finally got my head around the flow of events and believe I understand what happened. Thanks for the replies and the PM's. I do believe you can over analyse things so it is now done and dusted for me. I will practise what I have learnt and relax into it.
  19. I was not on my back waiting to hear the beep. I was aware that if, I were still on my back then I would have to pull, in less than ideal conditions. So you may have misinterpreted what I meant. I do however agree and thank you for all the good advice given. I think given my current experience level that I will return to belly for the foreseeable future. I have had a number of good freefly lessons with good instructors, but I had assumed that I had all scenarios covered. So back to belly and on my back in the tunnel only.
  20. This is a slightly long post, but would appreciate some thoughts When I had about 60 jumps I was getting my second free fly coached jump, when I went into a flat spin on my back, which scared me by its speed, which I managed to flip over from, without really knowing what I was doing. I wrote about it here and got much great advice. About 30 jumps ago I started again with freefly lessons, and was taught the recovery position (ball) should things get out of control. I was also advised if I found myself in a fast flat spin to curl into a ball and explode out into an arch. So for the past 40 jumps I have been back flying pretty stable and sit flying ( about 5- 10 seconds) and going to ball to recover. About ten days ago I go out for a sit fly with an experienced freeflyer to whom I explained my rookie status. He said he would keep an eye on me and if I got stable would come into view. My exit was OK and then I went into the ball, back to sit for a moment then again into the ball, all of a sudden I was flat on my back spinning so fast. I remember thinking how has this happened ( I am guessing I stuck out a leg), so I told myself no problem , ‘curl out in a ball and explode into an arch’, only problem is I couldn’t get my legs in or bend at the waist. The spin remained turbo charged. Curiously I remained calm and thought OK try something else, so I reached down with my right hand and managed to grab some fabric on my suit just below my right knee and pulled hard on that, next thing I am on my belly spinning real fast but I stopped that got stable and because I was shaken ( in every sense of the word) I pulled my main, without checking alti or waving off ( bad I know but I was wanting out of freefall – and didn’t think) I landed and the other jumper told me to always wave off, and was rightly annoyed, as he was close by when I pulled.. He also told me I was spinning very fast and he was planning to come and try and stop me, and other than that I had stop the spin which was the main thing The next day was too windy to jump and the following day I got on a evening load (fourth of the day due to wind). The jump (belly) went well, though as I turned into final a student on their first consol was coming straight towards me 200 feet away, so I turned hard right and landed without any drama. The following day I felt unusually tense, and didn’t jump until mid afternoon. I went with two friend to do a belly jump, and was last to board, as I sat down, I suddenly didn’t feel at all confident so I told the JM I was going to get off, which I did. I spoke with some instructors who told me if it happens again to take a deep breath then relax, lose all tension, then put arm and legs together then head back and arch into a track which will flip me over. In the meantime I am planning to go to the wind tunnel and spend time having my back position analysed until I can fly and recover. I have a few questions. I am of average build and fitness for a 51 year old. But being unable to ball up m and me think I need to do strength exercises especially core, what do you think? Though many people were encouraging me to jump with them I felt too tense to do so, and wanted to give it a few days, has anyone else experienced this? If so should I force myself to jump through the tension ( like we do on some early AFF levels) or wait until I feel more relaxed again? Finally the spin, When I was last in the tunnel I had a spin on my back, which my instructor said was due to my spine not being straight ( not a medical condition) just a body position, could that be responsible? Whilst in the spin on my back, I had planned that if I had not been able to get on my front by my second warning sound ( 3000’) on my audible, that I would have to pull, I was not sure to go for my main or straight for reserve. I was taught if you are out of control in freefall for more than 5 seconds get out of freefall. Had I heard the second signal I would have done that, however spinning on your back has to be the worst position to deploy in. I never plan to have this situation happen again, where recovery is not immediate. But if, and it is a big if, it did and I heard the beep, which handle would you go for? Thanks for reading it, it was scary and I love this sport and want to continue for many years to come, I have to be safe, responsible and prepared, not to endanger myself or others. Thanks for your time.
  21. My friend has his company logo on a larger size flag 6' x 3'. He asked if I could get a photo of it whilst I was in freefall, I said sure can't imagine it will be a problem. Having thought about it I am a low jump number kinda guy at the moment, and think for me to be in the air hanging on to a flag is beyond my skill and experience level. I thought it may be worth asking some experienced jumpers to hang onto the flag for me and I will try to get in the picture. or maybe I hang on to one end and let go well before break-off. Also on such a jump would the flag be jettisoned to fall to the ground, or would the experienced jumper hang onto it in extended left hand then deploy. It seems a bit risky to still have it attached methinks! Any advice would be welcome. "The older I get the better I was"!!!
  22. I will be in Charlotte NC, from the 13 -16 July. I had planned to visit my buddy and his family only to discover I got my dates messed up and they are all going be out of town, too far a way for me to join them. I am based in the UK but am a USPA member, so thought I would bring my rig and find somewhere to jump in NC on the 14th and 15th July. I will hae a car and am looking for a DZ that is within 3 hours rive, and will welcome a weary traveller with around 140+ jumps. Also given the extra baggage my rig will create , is it easier to rent gear. My experiences of rental gear have vaied from "Hey that's rental!!! awesome" to " Someone call the police I think they stole this from the Museum of Flight" Any suggestions (or invitations) most welcome. Thanks!!
  23. I will be attending a convention in San Diego 10th -13th July. So I thought I would come a day or two early or stay later and get some jumps in at a local DZ. I will probably not bring my rig, as it is a hassle travelling with it and looking after it if I only plan to jump for two days. So I am sure all the DZ's have there own vibe, and good points., but for a Scottish fun jumper with only 140 jumps turning up on his own, which is the DZ with good gear rental, and friendly jumpers I could jump/get coaching with? I bring a bottle of finest Malt whiskey as a gift!!! Thanks
  24. I heard of a couple who ue to some confusion jumped out whilst the plane was 2 minutes from exit. There was also high altitude cloud cover below them so they could not see the ground. The only problem was they were still a mile out to sea. So there they were coming out of the clouds ( I don't know the altitude but for the sake of this hypothetical question, lets say it was 10,000', assuming there was no wind.) What would be the better option, track like a banshee with the runs and pull at 3000 then get on the back risers. or pull right away, and get on the back risers. Which would give be the best option As for the hapless ccouple (they came through the clouds and tracked for the beasch. pulled at 3000, and still being well short of the shoreline, aimed for a boat, and landed close by, which picked them up. Most fortunate Obviously there are lots of variables, and assumptions, but a snapshot response to this scenario is what I am looking for. Personally I think I would pull high as possible (assuming no wind), and hang on to the back risers, ( I would have to as I jump a 7-cell).