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  1. Diablo,
    It is virtually impossible to vote by name on every vote or motion based on the fact it would slow things down, but with that said, myself and a good majority of directors voted by name on any important issue. I would be happy to share my vote on any topic and my rationale for the vote. You may not agree with me on some of them but I can honestly say I try my best. As I believe most if not all do the same.

  2. Hello All,
    Skydive Sussex will have Safety Day on March 22nd. We will have a caravan for the entire season and will open up March 8th weather pending. Keep in mind we are still buried with snow and ice so it may be delayed a bit.
    We have scheduled so much this season to include just a few:
    1. Canopy courses
    2. AFF Courses
    3. Coach Courses
    4. Tandem Courses
    5. Freefly and RW organizing
    6. Wingsuit weekend and record attempts
    7. Scrambles
    8. Hop and Pop Fridays
    Plus much more. Call for information
    973 702-7000

  3. Thanks Jerry,
    We are revamping everything. It should be fixed. We are also up and running on Twitter, FB, Yelp, and a few other networks. We are making a go at it. I will let you know if I survive summer number 1.

  4. Okay sorry. Two cessnas with two on stand by if we need them. Our turbine is going to be here for opening April 1 2014.
    We allow hook turns Safe ones preferred. Skydive Sussex is at the Sussex airport 53 County Rd. 639 Sussex, New Jersey.

    Great skydiver friendly bar about 300 yards away rv's welcome. Huge landing area.

    We do have packers.

    Hope that helps a bit.
    Rich Winstock

  5. We had a concern about lime as well and found white chaulk in 50 lb bags. put in a line spreader, like the one used for high school football fields it works great. Although if it rains you are right back to square one.

  6. Just a clarification: it was not a parlimentary manuerver at all. Many discussions were held about this topic because of its divided nature. Several directors voiced an opinnion that they were okay with it worded differently so it was meant to be a friendly ammendment. Unfortunately, someone called it to question without giving the option for the ammendment.

    After the second motion and the request for secret ballot it failed. So the system worked. Both sides were passionate and fought for what they believed and more importantly what they believed the membership wanted. That is there job to represent membership.

    With that said, a BSR was referred back to Safety and Training for the next meeting making it mandatory for the first flight jump to be conducted by a instructor or coach who has at least 200 wingsuit jumps. These numbers are not set at all but it was made in a motion by Mr. Mike Mullins. It seems that both sides were in favor of this idea but it needs to be discussed in full at committee. It allows for a compromise that both sides can have input on.

    Rich Winstock
    USPA National Director

  7. Hey Paul,

    I was at Z-Hills Sat and Sunday as well. I spoke with Simon who was there most of the day and I saw him flying on several loads with students and flocks. Did you contact him? He was set up by Bram and Ellys school.

    There seemed to be around 6 or so that I noticed.


  8. Every so often I will remove mine for a few dozen jumps and then replace it. This gets me over the im used to the sound and didnt even remember hearing it syndrome. When I put it back in, it startles me all over again.
    This also enforces serious concentration on Visual and Altimeter backup.

  9. Oh Shit.

    I was just kidding. Please dont start a movement against me for wanting to start USPA unions. lmao I have enough going on.

    I am in the cold powerless house of mine just bored. But laughing how you have to watch whatever you say.

  10. We need a union. It really is pathetic that since the early 90's pay has basically stayed the same. Impossible to make a living. Even worse it encourages instructors to spend less time with students so they can get on to the next jump.

  11. Quote

    If I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have shot it down in committee as being outside the parameters of what USPA should do as an organization -- and encouraged its proponents to develop it privately along the lines of those that have proven successful in all other sport parachuting subdisciplines.

    Having been one of the primary crafters of CRW safety and basic operating guidelines back in the day, if I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have shot it down in committee by saying that, along with the CRW recommendations in Section 6-6 of the Skydivers Information Manual, which were followed by Section 6-7 for high altitude jumping, and 6-8 for camera flyers, it is reasonable to create and promulgate similar guidelines for wingsuiting -- which we have already done in SIM Section 6-9, so no further action is needed.

    If I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have shot it down in committee by pointing out that no such advanced training program exists for other disciplines, and that imposing a USPA-dictated advanced training system on one discipline but not the others would turn the teachers of those other disciplines into lawyer food -- and impose a lot of work on the Board to synchronize its other ratings and program with this outlier program for which there is no precedence.

    If I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have shot it down in committee by saying that it was systemically silly to impose the sort of workload required of the Board to accommodate this proposal that not only falls outside the parameters of what USPA should do as an organization, but only affects a very small subset of the membership.

    Finally, if I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have thanked the proposal proponent for coming before the committee with his proposal, and then moved on to more legitimate areas of concern for the committee, like figuring out how to further recduce open-canopy landing injuries and fatalities.

    Okay that was good. Now throw in there that 75 plus percent of the people who voted you in are in favor of this. Now what? You are taking you personal opinion and acting without any research, outreach, or facts.

    If you take that stance on every issue that comes before you, I contend you are representing yourself not the members.

  12. Lets face it. the only real way to get approval on any method of asking for opinions on this topic is to not ask the questions and agree with you that the whole idea should be scrapped. That is the only way that will be accepted in some skydivers mind who dont want this to go any further. I am sorry it just appears that you are attcking every single aspect of every single thing that was done, leading me to believe there would be no satisfying you. I would enjoy reading a post from you starting out, "If I was a USPA Director on the BOD when a proposal was presented to the Safety and Training committee, I would have handled it as follows:.........

    Can you not even admit that rather than just push this whole thing down your throat we tried to educate ourselves. Would it hurt that bad to say, "at least USPA tried to reach out the best they knew how" Could it have been done better? I am sure. The way I did it caused literally hundreds of hours of work for the sub committee. If you hired a company that specializes in this I am sure they would have done a better job and it would have cost you a bit more than my salary at USPA. (zero).

    For the record, I am not against you personally at all. I am just trying to clarify some points as we move forward. Ultimately, the outcome of the opinion poll will not matter to you at all because it is already flawed, so what now. We look at the results and regardless of how they come back you will not be satisfied. Looking back on it, we should have voted on the program in S&T, brought it to full BOD and let the cards fall where they fall. We would have dealt with the Robin's of the community just the same. This was a lose lose scenario. and before you blast me remember I am one of 22 directors that tried to do what we thought given the information we had at the time, was best for the skydiving community.

  13. Quote

    Really, Rich, why are you and the primary proposal pusher waving the insurance thing front and center when it is absolutely false -- when the insurers do not care one way or the other whether USPA regulates wingsuiting or not -- when all the insurers want is for people to quit hitting the tails of the planes they insure?

    Why the lies, Rich?

    First off, I never waived the insurance letter in front of anyone, in fact I probably read it about the same time you did.


    * the 3rd grade science class methodology of your "poll;" and

    * your provably false claim that if USPA doesn't take charge of this the insurers will stop insuring our airplanes.

    3rd grade? There is a question asking all USPA members if they think USPA should adopt a standardized program. I would love to hear how you would ask every member of the USPA a question. Then I can sit back and monday quarterback your efforts.

    Do you mind showing me where I made the assertion that insurers will stop insuring planes? I never spoke to Jeff Norris and had no idea that letter even went out.

    You are entitled to question. I will answer. In public if you desire. But if you make allegations you should not generalize. Keep in mind for the tenth time Ihave no (ZERO) wingsuit jumps, I find it fascinating but just never had the urge or time. If I decide to make a jump I would want to sit through a FFC taught by an instructor that was being held to some standard other than self annointment. I would consider myself a STUDENT.
    And if nobody is listening quote me on this, "I do not believe that a skydiver with 200 jumps and jumping a wingsuit for the first time is considered advanced" "I consider you a student the same way I will consider myself a student if I decide to take a FFC".

    You are not encouraging healthy debate Robin all you are doing is further dividing the wingsuit community. Since this has started I have spoken to people on both sides of this topic and there is common ground. Your spear throwing will only hinder any constructive dialogue.

    I look forward to meeting you one day, I think a face to face conversation would fare much better. I would not call you a liar though even if I disagreed with you. What benefit would I get out of that I am not sure.

  14. Robin,

    I am not argueing with you at all you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

    With that said, there are so many points you make and inuendos that are 100% false and strictly assumed. I have read every single word of the original proposal. The roll out process as presented was fair and included 7 I/E's from geographical areas spread out across the United States. There is and never was any one person monopolizing this.

    Further-If you think that this was initiated for any financial gain whatsoever to any one person call me on my cell, email me, PM me, or come to my house and I will explain to you how this is not only 100% untrue but it has been verified by myself personally

    To prove it I will attach the roll out process but withhold any names associated with the appointments. I will say I have corresponded with all 7 I/E's and they are all committed to a fair and expeditious roll out. If the membership USPA decides to move forward.

    Further, it is blatantly obvious where you stand on this topic, and I have no problem with you advocating against standardized training amongst your community. I am aassuming you are an active wingsuiter but I dont know.

    Keep in mind the dates are null and void due to the tabling of the entire topic, so disregard the dates. This is also a draft that was presented to us. This is only a draft and is subject to complete sensor by USPA S&T and Full BOD. Lt me say that again this is just the roll out that was presented.


  15. TDog,

    I am all for what you are doing and support it but I think there is a statistic that is alarming. Near tail strikes. and for God sakes dont make me define that like I had to in another thread. I have at least a dozen pictures that were sent to me from various locations that I would consider to be "Holy Shit" pictures. Any one of them could have ended not only in a fatality but others were definately in jeopardy.

    ?Why not open this up to near misses as well. If they have a picture or description then great. Keep in mind copy right issues and the possible embarassment of the ws'er. So permissions should be granted. I would estimate that the number of near misses would astonish all of you. I would not be surprised if every DZ in this country who is active with WS'ers could or would advise us of a near miss.

    You see in my mind we do not need a confirmed tail strike to show it is a safety concern. Statistics are funny in that of course they can be manipulated. We are just trying to see if there is a trend and is it a serious safety concern.

    and if so the fun part, "What do we do?"

    Keep in mind the Insurance company already told us this. In my mind and I am sure in DZO minds we need no other proof. If rates are going to go up they must be basing it on something.

  16. Robin,

    I can assure you this letter is not to be taken lightly. It was constructed by Jeff Norris the leading underwriter for jump aircraft insurance. I also believe he has jump experience. I am sure if you ask around you will find out that a majority of dropzones are using them to insure thier aircrafts.

    I liken this letter to federal funds for the highways. If you choose to have a higher speed limit on your highways then you will not receive federal funds. In this case come up with some standard or we will raise your rates or worse not insure you.

    It's not a surprise to see this has finally hit the public airwaves. This is but one of the concerns facing the wingsuit community and DZO's. It came up in the DZO questionnaire a few times.

    This is also why I've been in support of a standardized wingsuit training program. Without standards, skydiving cannot show insurers nor the FAA that we have a baseline from which people are taught.

    There will be a question on the November USPA ballot, asking "Should USPA adopt a standardized wingsuit instructor rating?"

    Rich Winstock
    National Director