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  1. when i had about 30 jumps and no A license yet me and a TI/AFF instructor from my dz were at another dz and they wouldn't let me jump with him because i didn't have my A and they treated us like we were crazy and irresponsible. we didn't get it but i guess they just really wanted me to pay $100 for a jump with one of their coaches
  2. wow! really? that was mature of you considering the jumpers death has zero to do with the owners of the facility. thats someone's son/friend/possible father who died yesterday and you take a shot that comes off as "thats what you get." you are sick and seriously need to take a look at yourself
  3. are you just completely ignoring people's posts? asc didn't get kicked out of pell city. the airport is building in LZ and it would be possible to stay but they're moving for the safety of the students
  4. perhaps i caught him on a bad day... i dunno. as soon as he found out we lived in the area and drove all the way to pell city to jump and that we had been at the farm the day before and not to tuskeegee to jump at his place he became pretty bitter towards us. i thought he was joking at first but then i realized he was genuinely pissed at us and from there it was all downhill. i could understand if you want a dz to just go to and chill with people but we really wanted to jump when we go jumping. but that said and done lets all be happy. conclusion to the whole thread is that everyone hates ben and mentioned a billion times in the past
  5. i'm just going to assume you didn't get to that part of my post and i don't doubt you that his son is a nice guy. and really how much of my $20 jump ticket goes into their pocket and not into gas for the plane? i don't know so i'm really curious. and i've been to a couple different dz's...big and small and none of them made me feel so at home and provided me with so much opportunity to jump as at pell city. thats my reasoning behind my statement for the best dz i've been to if you were wondering.
  6. sorry, didn't mean to personal bash. got a little carried away. and i know where i am at skydiving. i'm not building myself up in anyway cause as you said i only have 89 jumps. i try to humble myself as much as possible in this sport cause i know almost everybody has something i can learn from them. and i'm not bagging on buddy blue's skydiving skills or whatever cause i don't know (and i only have 89 jumps!) i'm just saying we did nothing to deserve the way we were treated. i would take skydiving advice from him all day if he wanted to lend it out to me. but if i had to talk to him other than that i would keep my distance...personally. and i'm not defending skyride at all. i don't agree with their practices either. the people over at pell city are amazing though and aside from it's affliations with skyride i think it's the best dropzone i've been to. go there and they will treat you like family.
  7. Ya gotta love posts like this. This guy chastises Billy for his accusations.....tells him to grow up....and in the paragraph quoted makes his own set of allegations against a competing dropzone. haha skydive opelika isn't even a competing dropzone. they aren't there to become better jumpers but to hang out with each other and talk about how awesome buddy blue is. if you want to ACTUALLY jump you can't go there. that guy treated me and my friend like crap. he's an arrogant man. we just kept our mouths shut the whole time...which took a lot of hard work. i mean seriously we didn't even have to say anything for him to belittle us and talk about how awesome he was. and i would question the safety of his operation. example: he sold a 120 to like a 150 pound dude with like 40 jumps.
  8. everything said seems to be in the past. and for those of you saying that you're scared it's going to hurt skydive opelika's business... have you ever even been there?! you sit on your ass all day waiting for the plane to go up like twice for the entire day. if you want to actually progress at jumping you HAVE to go somewhere else because it's impractical there. plus buddy blue was an ass to me and my friend for no reason the whole time. we almost just left without jumping it was getting so irritating and being belittled like that was ridiculous! maybe i went on a bad day and that place rubbed me the wrong way but putting aside my bad taste of skydive opelika, it's not a practical place to excel in skydiving. and do you guys jump at a turbine dz? if you do i'm sure buddy blue hates that dz too
  9. i've seen people casually jump pack jobs by an 11 year old as if he were as reliable as the regular packers (which he was)
  10. i know exactly what you're talking about. i'm still partially confused how that mess all started
  11. oops, sorry. if i could delete the thread i would
  12. how do i know when i'm ready to jump a wing suit? i'm talking about getting the proper wingsuit for a beginner wingsuit jumper and getting the proper coaching. i've heard very experienced jumpers say like 300 jumps and i've also heard very experienced jumpers say to just get proper coaching. what are your thoughts? with 83 jumps i'm not saying i'm going to do this now... just a thought
  13. the dreams i've had where i gone on are weird because i always hit and then get up and walk away feeling really embarrassed that everyone just watched me mess up so horribly
  14. a 17 second delay from 3500ft? wow...
  15. 2 guys at my dz were doing a headdown jump and one of them corkscrewed out and collided with the other one, cracking the guy still in a head down's helmet... so thats the word on the street