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  1. anewempire

    what are you worst cork-screwing experieces?

    2 guys at my dz were doing a headdown jump and one of them corkscrewed out and collided with the other one, cracking the guy still in a head down's helmet... so thats the word on the street
  2. anewempire

    Skydive Miami

    this summer i got certified at skydive miami. everything about this place is good. the entire staff is super friendly and they are all incredibly cool people. they are also ridiculously professional and have the best rigs i've run across... easily! the landing area is huge! i've been to 2 drop zones in GA and everytime i've mentioned where i got certified everyone automatically just talks nothing but good things about their professionalism and how much the love the guys that work there. i can't wait to make my way back down to florida again to jump there