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  1. Had one of these for almost 3 years now - my only complaint is the visor removal - you have to peel off the side stickers which also function as a retainer for the philips screws under neath - if you do not stick it back on, the screws can loosen to the point where you will end up falling out , along with the visor. Other than that - find someone that has one and try it on - their sizing chart is made for ppl with tiny itty bitty headz. Major pluses : the liner can be completely removed if you want to wash it, the overall build is panzer (see what I did there), and being able to crack open from either side for ventilation is awesome (esp. under canopy on a cold day) .
  2. The tunnel is attached to the aquapark (pretty awesome on its own) so its fairly easy to find - getting there from the north (Poland for example) is a bit tricky though (I took the mountain pass road to get to the Mikulasz) - it was scary enough during summer , don't want to know what happens there when the snow falls. Anyhoo - facilities are TITS - 3 team rooms with video terminals, 3 cameras for different angles, super chill staff (if you have no one to rotate with you can take breaks in between flights and review video - perfect team setting) , a built in bar , showers and lockers. You can pretty much live there. Prices are awesome too - with annual membership (50 EU) off peak times (9 am till noon) are only 350 EU an hour (super cheap) at the time of writing this. The tunnel itself is a technological achievement in its own right - super smooth and bullet fast all the way to the top (sit flying while holding on the vanes is not a problem).Small Single entrance and smooth round construction ensure there is 0 turbulence. Layouts take on a new level of scary (and awesome) when you realize you head is about 40ft. off the net ... highly recommended . The staff also allows rigs in the tunnel (taped up and with covers) so the place seems awesome for competition prep ... All in all damn near perfect.
  3. if anything buy a one piece suit - they fly a lot better and last longer (that elastic on the jacket will fray and loosen in a season) . This goes especially if you plan on doing any tunnel time. Other than that most manufacturers will tailor a loose fitting suit for you if you tell them (liquid has that option). Also dont rely entirely on the fabric for your fall rate - that is only a part of fall rate control. I'm roughly 190lbs and ordered a med. cut suit with double layered legs to make things easier .. It cost some $$ but the investment was worth it.
  4. my progression: about 4hrs to get stable on your head (once you have your sit nice and stable and do everything in it), if you are particularly retarded like me. More advanced shit like carving(inside) shelf and fast 360 turns in shelf or daffy is another 8 hrs (once again if you are dis-coordinated mess like myself) .. so all in all you gotta do your 20 hrs . Best to take a vacation and fly every day for 3 weeks . In the end def. worth it , and likely a massive saving if you were to do this in the real air.
  5. Hey there - having jumped on both sides of the border I have to say that its rather uncommon, or they are full of shit , or they are not familiar with the uspa coverage or some weird rules might have changed (or all of the above). My dropzone used to be Niagara skydive center and we had plenty of uspa holders jump there with no issues.. So I am not sure what the spiel was at the place you went to.. May I ask where this was ?
  6. k11stan


    Had this helmet for almost 8 months now - and I must say that it's getting more and more comfortable as time goes by . Yes the visor sucked at first (the clear coating started to chip away) , but I got a replacement (free - customer service was excellent) . Visibility is outstanding - being in the air feels like an IMAX movie . I highly recommend it having gone through 2 other full face helmets (mamba and a factory diver).