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Dropzone Reviews posted by psipike02

  1. This is the DZ I jump at during the school year. My first time there, they accepted me as part of the group and I began to hang out there more and became very comfortable.

    They were always helping me with jumps and getting me towards my 'A' License. After the jumping is done, everyone hangs out and there is always room to crash.

    You can learn so much from everyone there. They're all down to earth and are willing to teach you anything as long as you're willing to listen, learn, and have a good time.

    They still jump in the winter, but winter itself in michigan blows...

  2. This place is incredible. I've been doing my AFF here and I also did my tandem here. Everyone is down to earth and truly loves skydiving. Everyone is so helpful with my training (fun jumpers and instructors too) and always encouraging me and giving me advice and just plain ol' BSing most of the time.

    Update: Still a good place to go, but sometimes a little too much drama for my taste. But thats only a few people, so don't let it ruin your time. Still has great people to hang around with and jump with. Still love being there and jumping with the people and friends I have there