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  1. Sprite and Vodka at the end of the day.
  2. Hey Jon. I was searching around for the 90 way and yes it was Easter Boogie Deland, Jump #3, April 21,1984. Question: Was that an official world record? I have no certificate for that one? Logbook note of 2.8 seconds, so in spite of the Norm Kent photo I have, it was a time bust...I think.
  3. All else seams to be working properly. I'm cookied up, but every time I try to access "Forums/Incidents", I get this message: "Web Site Not Responding The web site you have requested may be experiencing technical difficulties due to a busy or broken server. Please try again by clicking the Reload icon on your navigation bar or, if that doesn't work, you may want to return to the site at a later time. 502 Connection Hangup ************************************88 Is this the case?