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  1. uh oh you caught on to my evil little plan ehh? I am glad you finally are getting into the spirit of it all and have finally found a little sense of humor! So much progress in so little time. How was that did i do a good job? Though, I kind of like how it angles out if you don't close them, it makes me feel like i am writing alot more than i am. Anyhow thank you for the writing lesson.. ....Please if you dont mind i would like to sign up for another course? Looks like i need help with punctuation. Do you offer a class on that? ***I'd hate to depend on your advice.I can see why your "student" moved on... [I left this one open just for you] Hmnn... never claimed to have a "student" i did teach and show some peolpe a few things to get them into this sport. I never claimed to know everything and still dont. But every year or two i still have 1 or 2 good ideas. I didnt charge or hold any classes. As always i would suggest going and getting info on such a dangerous past time from as many different people as possible. That way you can find out what is relevant for yourself, for we all are different. (but cheers on the snappy comment though...) Heres mine..... I would hate to depend on you period we all ready know how your friends end up..... scared and armless I sure hope your new found sense of humor continues to grow and you or yours dont get mad for i am just being sarcastic. Also i hope any of my last statements won't hurt anyones feelings for i am just messing around now. A final note maybe this will make wwarped happy... I see there is no need for me to throw any new ideas out there. Apparently no one likes new ideas not even me :(
  2. [Quote]Why would someone be doing a background check without talking to the subject? I can't think of a situation in which this would actually happen. Can you? [maybe you responded to fast and missed a few words that you meant to jot down in your reply] Ah, you first line is utterly ridiculous and has no bearing on my posts. ALL I AM SAYING IS A BACKGROUND CHECK IS UNNEEDED AND IS PUSHING FARTHER THAN SOMEONE NEEDS TO GO INTO ANOTHER PERSONS HISTORY. Again I will say --all you need is love...wait a minute thats John Lennon. ALL YOU NEED IS TO TALK WITH THE PERSON DIRECTLY. PERIOD We arent traing to do super secret cover ups and stuff here. Last i heard Kennedy was all ready dead. [Quote]It's impossible to be totally unbiased about your own capabilities and experiences. [My --that sounds like a personal problem-- Reply] I am unsure of your point. When I talk about my self I know am the best at everything I do! Aren't you? Anyhow. [Quote]Talking to someone about their own background is very useful (and is always the first step, because they've contacted you directly, right?), but it's also very valuable to check things with more objective 3rd parties, and also with other people who have an interest in things in their area (like site preservation). [I am getting sleepy reply] PLEASE REREAD MY PREVIOUS POSTS. I AM TIRED--- IS THERE SOMEWHERE I CAN RECORD MY VOICE SO YOU CAN PLAY IT BACK IN YOUR SLEEP? Apparently some of you will forever have reading problems. My advice is to just keep on pushing through, eventually you will succeed, understand and come to grips with what is going on in the world around you. [QUote]It's not like people are running around writing up supersecret dossiers on new BASE jumpers. We're talking about a very straightforward process in which a new or prospective jumper initiates contact with an experienced jumper seeking to purchase gear (or get instruction or whatever). The experienced jumper talks to them about their background and preparation, then verifies that information with 3rd parties, and at the same time gets other feedback from those same 3rd parties. [all hope is lost reply] Yada yada yada... REMEMBER...if you put the record on repeat it might help. Actually they are... ***If all you do is take someone at their word, I am afraid that you are likely to (a) do them a huge disservice if their self-assessments aren't totally objective (and how could they be?), and (b) get taken advantage of with some frequency. [You are gettting sleepy Reply] I am not saying take them by their word. I am saying 99% of the time you can tell by talking to someone if they are filling you full of crap or not though. Maybe YOUR self-assessment isnt totally objective and maybe thats why you have issues with what i am talking about...but most dont hold themselves so high so it doesnt seem to be that big of a problem. [Quote]When they tell you "I'll pay you for that rig as soon as I get it in the mail" do you take them at their word? Or do you try for some kind of assurances (a deposit, an intermediary, a physical meeting)? [It's MONEY Reply] Of course not but that has to do with money. Have you ever heard the saying "dont trust you friends with your money or your wife"? [Quote]It sounds like you are either (a) phenomenally lucky, or (b) an insanely good judge of the character of people, even people you may never have physically met. While I am very impressed at your abilities, I must admit, with some sadness, that I am not nearly as lucky and capable as you in this regard. [You can call me Jahovah reply] I guess some of you will never understand my points, for a few of you will think you are always right. One final thought ---- You know how cults are made? They keep drilling information into your head until you agree with them! And if you prove they are not right they will change thier words until it would appear that they are. ---EDITED DUE TO FORGETING TO INCLUDE MY SARCASM CLAUSE------ (WARNING: THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SARCASM)
  3. ***It's a little absurd to suggest that we ought to all be helping everyone in the world without bothering to find out more about them. [reply to the ridiculous and out of context sentence above] Some people apparently have reading problems now and again. You can gain info on someone with out doing a background check through other people! A small but big point! EASY 321 Talk to the person you are wanting to know info about they will tell you all you need to know from a first hand account of it all. Well that is unless the person trying to get the info acts above them. Then all you will get is crap, though that is basic human psychology you piss farther trying to be better than someone they will piss on you!!!(or your friend) ***Talking to as many people as possible is one of the most effective ways to gather information about anything (including people). [reply of what you COULD do] For other issues ...maybe... for this issue... One of the most effective -- that is questionable. Who knows more about an individual than THE individual? Of course you could go about it how you stated but it is not needed if you cant talk to the source, you know -- the person you are inquiring through other people about! (WARNING: THE PREVIOUS SENTENCES MIGHT CONTAIN SARCASM AND IT IS UP TO THE READER TO FIND OUT WHERE THAT SARCASM MIGHT BE)
  4. I am not just having differences of opinion with one person and i am not talking about a few newbie isolated instances. I am talking in general how everybody has to play the governor, sherriff and now the CIA. Ah, and yes if someone asks for my input or advice i will always answer them or if i can not - point them in a good direction where they can get their answers. I am all about helping people who want information and hopefully i help to make their days safer ones. ***so no background checks? don't bother checking the credentials of someone: - asking to jump in your area - buying your old equipment - teaching a FJC [reply to that load of bull] Again, you dont need to go that far, again base isnt the CIA. If you would all share information there would be no need for most newbies to lie to you. They wouldn't feel if they gave you the wrong answer you wouldnt deal with them anymore. Instead they would know that you are willing to show them or tell them the proper way. Therefore no need for "background checks" you would them be able to ask them questions and they could respond with their answers. Thats all, its not hard to find out if they know what they are doing or not. I shouldnt have to feel the need to call the dropzone or call their friends in order to prove if they have knowledge or not. Now, If they want to jump in your area, I am not saying take them on a highly technical jump your first time out with them. Just take them to something You feel is a good start for your area and something that will help you "judge them" so you can tell if you are still better than them or not --- Because that what you really want to do is be better and have control over someone right?..... (WARNING: THE PREVIOUS SENTENCES MIGHT CONTAIN A LITTLE DOSE OF SARCASM - UNFORTUNATELY THOSE WHO FEEL THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO LAUGH ABOUT THIS TYPE OF HUMOR) ***I'm a newbie, have gone through it myself, and have never felt bad or slighted about talking for 5 minutes with a fellow jumper about my limited experience. [reply to the lucky on above] And that is the way it should be, and my point again all they needed was to talk with you. They didnt have to do a "background check" talk to your dropzone or call your employer or friends. Hopefully it will fully evolve into people actually talking to one another face to face instead of finding out about "YOU" from soomeone else!
  5. diamond

    Starting BASE

    *** I had about 300 skydives when I started BASE jumping. I wish someone had pointed out to me that freeflying and high performance canopies didn't have much skill translation, and had steered me toward CRW, Accuracy, and (max) tracking, instead. I had around 2400 skydives and was flying a 79 when i first started and of course the more time in the air the better. I am not even going to get into freeflying due to someone else capturing my ideas on it quite well. All skills help period. Some do help more than others.. the skill i hold highest on list of ANY .... i repeat ANY is canopy time. CRW is great and there is alot to learn from it for base. But the little clip about high performace canopies not having much skill translation is a bit of hot air and here is why.... Tom only had 300 jumps and didnt fly a true High performance canopy therefore never benifited from one. The real deal A High Performance canopy can help induce faster response time. Why..... Flying a true High performance canopy gets you used to doing everything in less amounts of time. .... (you never have alot of time in base) It helps you with getting used to determining distance, glide, speed and being accurate all in short amounts of time alot better than the slower canopies that give you the feeling of minutes before you hit something... If you can land a canopy that doesn't give you much time on landing .. then a base landing will seem like an eternity... and that is a good thing . The more you can process in short amounts of time the better your chances are. Anyhow... if you want to swoop then swoop it will still help you towards base. Only you know when you feel up to getting into base. Their isnt any specific number of jumps set on where it is proven that you will always be safe. Of course the more you do the more it will help. Hopefully people will inform you on the way. Oh and i sure hope you pass a background check!!!!
  6. when I didn't know enough, I watched a friend with fear in his eyes. he jumped and wanted to live. he did, but suffered through an amputation. fear did NOT keep him healthy. he FAILED to find the right way. is blindly selling gear to anyone "encouraging them to put forth their best effort?" calling you up and saying "here is your money" doesn't sound like it takes much effort... First off sorry to hear about your friend. Though times are different now. Info is everywhere if you can read, and if people are WILLING they will inform you as well. The second is one of the main issues now adays. Also..I am sorry sorry now that i see i have to point out sacasm to you every time i post. My point was (for the ones who find nothing entertaning or amusing ...(sarcasm) Sell your gear ask questions see what they plan to do with it, give them some sugestions if you think they need them. Oh and of course if they ask for knowledge and you happen to know it.. share it with them. Yet they still dont need a background check they are not enrolling into the FBI or CIA. And remeber boys and girls you are not better than them so dont treat them that way! There it is ...That is my point wrapped up in a few short sentences for the mildly retarded...(sarcasm).
  7. Hey are you and Tom reading buddies cause you missed alot. I dont encourage to be misinformed or not to put forth an their best efort. When you got into this sport did you not think twice about what you were doing? maybe even three times? I expect the same out of new people... they will be scared shitless and they will want to learn. All they need is help from all of you! Anyhow..... They last little bit of my last statement was me being a smartass but if you look at the remainder of my little rant you would see i am all for people helping others and sharing knowledge. That though brings up the problem i was also writing about people not sharing info due to people not being good enough for their standards. Hey if you help and inform people more power to you that is all i hope for. If your an ass and ignore the newbies welll bite one! In selling your gear fine ask them a few questions but you dont need to do a background check. They dont want to die either so they will try to find the right way to do it . Quote why not research potential buyers before accepting some responsibility for their well being? Answer: I dont accept responsibility for anyone if they buy my gear or not. Again i am not your daddy or thiers.( I dont think so anyhow:) Now that isnt to say i wont give them advice on my opinions do's and dont's but in the end they choose which way they want to go.
  8. Maybe you should get out of your chair and move a little closer to the screen so you can see what i wrote! A bit was personal and alot was right smack on topic. Though i took out a few more personal sentences due to the fact you apparently didnt see a point at all. I had to put the personal stuff out there to prove my points. People learn how to base then become better than the newbies and are to good to share info. BULS*** How one person learned isnt a valid or an acceptable way of being taught for other people because they are not you. BULS*** We need to do background checks before selling gear. BULS*** You arent their daddy... Would any of you have passed a background check when you started? Most of us learned from friends with low jumps and some learned from FJC's. I think the friendly teaching is still alot higher though than people in FJC's Who is anyone to tell anybody they arent worthy of gear. If you dont want to sell them yours then dont. But to tell everyone they should do background checks before they sell .... cough cough ... hello Mr. or Mrs. All HIGH and Mighty Hey maybe ....instead.... sell them your gear and point them in a good direction .....down!(sarcasm) nah just tell them good luck and i am sure they will find their way unless they run into people like some of you who wont give them any information or advice because they are not good enough for some of you. :) High was all caps on purpose cause you must be HIGH if you think like that!
  9. I didnt even teach you how to jump! What a crock of S***. (those four letters can be taken two ways:) Who took the time and taught you intitially how to pack and who took you on your first 10 or so jumps? Answer me that Yoda! Wait let me answer that for you .... ME Hmmmnnnn... Maybe that doesnt count as teaching someone how to jump in some peoples world. I am not claiming all your knowledge of B.A.S.E came from me but i DID intitially teach you how to go about it. Who also helped out after the start of your jaunt into this sport, well you all ready named them! That is what everyone should do... constanly gain knowledge and add it to your pool. Now if everyone keeps acting better than the new jumpers, everyones knowledge pool will be quite empty! Now with that said any smart person would always take on as much advise and knowledge as possible. It is all about evolving and if you learned everything you know just from one person well then you are limiting yourself, for no one knows everything.... especially about BASE. I myself dont claim i know all there is to know my REAL POINT was DON'T go all Higher than Thou. You need to remeber how YOU were taught, how hard it was to get "IN" and to not belittle people for doing it in a similar way to in which you were shown. If someone did background checks on most of us at the start, almost no one would be jumping due to the fact we wouldnt have gear to jump with! Cause we were all little know nothing wannabe's at that point. By the way one last note............... Don't let close mindedness kill...why not be open about information, if you hold back they only people your gonna hurt is others!
  10. I wouldn't. Mostly because of the 'local mentor' factor (50 jumps isn't enough to be teaching others to jump in my opinion). But I would think the 50 jump wonder instructor should be a concern no mater where you are. Interesting how the world changes, I happened to teach this person how to B.A.S.E. When i had around 45 jumps myself. Just due to the fact someone only has 40-50 jumps doesnt mean they are not qualified to teach. Maybe they were an excellent learner and/or maybe they have a few thousand skydives (which might help the learning curve). When base jumping was started wasnt it taught from people that had only a couple of jumps? Did they not try and teach each other all they would come to know? Is was a free tree of knowledge from one and another. Somewhere of the last while it has changed into a tight group of Better than Thous. Please for the sake of lives and for the sport start changing it back. Do not treat people like this:***1. Ignore them, and hope the problem will work itself out. This is what makes people lie to get into the sport. ***2. Take up the role of mentor to educate in order to minimize damage I like and agree with this one. Teach all you can and if you cant or are unable to take them far enough, point them in a direction to someone who can. FJC isnt a must have though it is an option. People are not worse jumpers or below those who have taken a FJC. People wont make good jumpers unless they dont get any and all good information. ***3. Keep communication open, but only give life saving information [reply to quote 3]Just "life saving information" still might kill someone. What little thing you think has no bearng on saving someones life might be the info that would stop them from getting hurt. (some peoples common sense differs from yours and what you see as a no brainer might in turn be different for them) Be an open book dont hold back because if you are not, they WILL find information else where and it might be just the kind of INFO that kills them because they didnt get the right stuff from you and your tight nit friends. By giving them any and all knowledge that you can, they WIL BE SAFER for it if they decide to go through with it. In the end it isnt up to you to tell someone they can not jump ...... it is up to them. If they want to they will if they dont they wont, It is that simple. If they do jump at least we can make it a little bit safer for them, by giving uncapped information. Now if you dont like the person that is wanting information.... well that is a whole nother thread So if you get anything from my little rant here, "DONT BE COCKY ALL SUPREME HIGHER THAN THOUS". Remember you were once at the bottom too! *** If they don't have BASE experience, you need at least two of the following three things: 1. A confirmation from an FJC provider that shows they have signed up for a course in the near future. 2. A confirmation from a local mentor who is willing to teach them and has sufficient experience to be a mentor (which you check through their own background check). 3. A quick phone call to the buyer's dropzone to ask what kind of person they are, and what kind of skydiving they've been doing for the past hundred jumps. [reply to the above BS questions to ask a buyer] What are you their MOMMY!!!!!! Cough... Cough ...what a bunch of BS A note about background checks: I sold two my rigs with out any background checks. Though I did ask how old they were and when i was told their ages i figured they could decide what to do for themselves.. and i charged them for helmets:)