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  1. Ok, check this out. My friend just bought a Javelin that is mostly black with pink and turqoise.. Myself and a different friend of mine have all red and black gear. He kept asking me the same thing over and over. When using a black permanent marker over the colored sections, it looked cheesy, but he found a special type of paint marker at a craft store (designed for cordura) and it worked GREAT. It isn't flaky. The colors are bold (all red and black now). The sun hasn't faded it. It doesn't rub off. As many have said, if you ask a rigger or an old timer they're going to tell you no. In fact, I would have never considered something like this until I saw the results. I would check into it if you want to save some money. The colors haven't faded at all in about 9 months of steady jumping and it only cost him 10 bucks! Matt
  2. Anyone dealt with this company? I found a few intriuging ads, but something happened today that concerned me. I wrote for info on a Javelin complete rig and the response from the poster was "I'll tell you up front, I don't deal well with yankees". I replied "excuse me?". His following reply was "shouldn't you be out killing lobsters?". Thought that was rude.
  3. OMFG! Any way to download that? I want to put it on my Zune.
  4. Chachi and Airborne, Glad to see that you folks at least understand my position. To the people that are implying that I'm searching for the answer I want to hear...... I jump at a C-182 dropzone. We have one tandem master with about 4000 jumps. He also owns the business. I learned via the old school static line method. The primary instructors (two total) are in their 50's and they've jumped sabre 170's all their lives. They have no intentions of progressing. They don't swoop and they play it safe. They've provided a wonderful source of information. I've learned to skydive in a very safe environment where I constantly had one on one attention. I think Airborne said it best when he stated that some of us don't have any mentors at our dz's with this type of experience. The folks at my dz see that I have a fast learning curve and they support my canopy decision. We are only able to jump from April to October, and I feel like I've been as persistent and diligent as possible with 310 jumps and a coach rating from Jay Stokes as I'm only able to jump a C-182 from April to October. At the beginning of this season I had 118 jumps... now I have 310. Does this paint a better picture? Chachi made an excellent point when he mentioned that I had asked for canopy characteristic specifics. It wasn't a "should I" question. I've already made my decision. I don't feel like I should have to justify why. Now that you folks hopefully understand my position better, I hope you will be more analytical of "how" and why you are communicating the information. I'm a very humble person and I think that you can learn something from everyone. Thank you all for taking to time to allow me to share my thoughts. Blue Skies, Matt
  5. Once again everyone, thanks for all of the advice, but the last person that made a comment is correct. It's pointless to keep this going. I'm comfortable with myself and I've progressed quickly from canopy to canopy. I sincerely believe I've reached my potential on the Stiletto 150. The recovery arc is just too short. I don't like the idea of having to execute my maneuvers so low to get enough speed. I'm just looking for a canopy that dives longer and I'm looking for more speed. None of you are really wrong about any of the advice you've given me, but as previously stated I've already made my decision. Thanks for your concern, but my question was only related to differences between the two canopies. (and yes i was incorrect on my wingloading calculations).
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for your all of the information. No offence taken to the folks that are trying to steer me in a safe direction. I took Scott Millers canopy course around 100 jumps as I transitioned from a Sabre 1 170 to a Stiletto 170. I stuck with the Stiletto 170 until about 200 jumps. For the last 100 or so I've been on the Stiletto 150. My exit weight is around 200. This should put me around the entry level wing load for the Xfire1 (1.3-1.4). I've dedicated a large portion of my jumps to canopy work (opening at 10k).
  7. Moving from a Stiletto 150 to a Crossfire 1 139. Anyone made this transition? Any thoughts on what to expect for major differences? Any neat excercises to practice on the new canopy?
  8. From what I understand, the canopy will buffet and sometimes that nose will roll under. I also read stories about the ends rolling under. I'll be sure to thoroughly test it out up high before I get into low front risers.
  9. Hey everyone. At the beginning of 2006 I bought a Pentax SLR digital. This was my first season doing video/photos. I'm glad I went SLR digital, but I have some questions about the best way to set the camera. I've already set the range and focus manually and applied gaffers tape so that the setting won't move. I also put the camera on the manual setting. From there, this is where I have questions. There are several settings on the main selector switch... for example: Portrait mode, tv, av, etc. I started the season using full manual mode and actually adjusting the tv and av manually depending on the light. I worked out well. Lately I've been using a setting that automatically sets the tv and av, but it tends to provide more frequent blurry pictures. Any suggestions on things I could try? What works best for you? Thanks everyone, Matt
  10. Hello everyone. I have a Crossfire 1 139 on the way DOM 2001. I've identified it as a recalled canopy. I've read almost everything on the net about the recall. Here's the question...... I asked the seller if the recall had been performed and if there was a tag indicating completion. His response was "it was relined 50 jumps ago and the reline takes care of the recall". Is this true? Is it simply a line trim issue? Thanks, Matt
  11. I noticed that it had a fairly large pack volume of (368 or something like that). Truth is, I just sent a bunch of gear to California for the swap on the x-fire, and I'm just having second thoughts on compatibility with my container. Thanks for your optimism. Any idea what makes it pack so large? Different type of fabric? Matt
  12. Having a tough time getting a straight answer on this. Working on a deal to get a X-Fire 1 139. Don't want to hassle myself with putting some type of foam or padding in the container. I've jumped an Aerodyne Vision 150 and it fit great in the container (actually quite snug). Anyone out there try this combo? Blue Skies, Matt
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    Tried out the Vision 149. Have previously been jumping PD. I thouroughly enjoyed the Stiletto. The Vision flies great. It's smooth, predictable and responsive while up high. What I didn't like the most was the swoop and glide. Right when I found the "sweet spot" on my flare, the canopy would only glide for a split second or two and then just drop. Not much shut down either.