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  1. I am using this kind of Neodymium magnets also for Dbag. It work just great.
  2. Hi I am using Sigma containers and main parachutes are Icarus with vectran lines :-)
  3. yep , I want to use it for my tandems , because I am sick an tired out of the rubber bands d-bags :-)
  4. Hi , I would like to ask if someone has experience with Lazy bag or Mpod for Tandems ? Thanks
  5. Hi , I would like to ask , if some one has picture for Odyssey Student main bag and the different bridles connection for "free fall configuration " "AFF configuration" and "static Line"configuration. I can't find this info on Sunpath web and I am not sure which bridle use for which configuration. Thanks
  6. Hi I would like to ask if someone has an experience with using square reserve tension device for packing reserves ? Did you found it useful? Can you please post some picture how to use it ? Thanks
  7. Perfect place for jumps and fun on the south of the Czech Republic. Beautiful landscape and friendly staff which will make your visit pleasant. We have new Cessna Soloy in operation. Every week HALO jumps from FL 200 and above. For more info send mail or call +420 602222278. Sport ticket to 4000m only 22Euro ; discounts for RW4 and Freefly teams.
  8. Hello all I preparing an HALO jump on skysurf from altitude around 9000 meters. I would like to ask if someone has any expierence with such kind of jump. Specially I am looking for expierence /hints about gear ( oxygene live support , reserve , AAD etc.. ) Thanks blue sky