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  1. My son and I visited Mile-Hi in June. He had just returned from military and needed to get back in the air/recurrent. We first went on Sunday. The otter was flying and the vibe seemed positive. We were welcomed by staff and given all of the necessary briefings after completing all of the required paperwork. One staffer was slightly in error on reserve repack requirements but was quickly brought up to speed by another staffer saving us a dispute over dates. This was NOT a negative. We are all human and make mistakes. The fact that it was quickly and professionally addressed/resolved is good stuff. The winds that day had gotten pretty rough so we never did get to make a jump. We returned with a couple of guys from another drop zone the next day. They didn't have their paperwork in order and were held from jumping until verified. I felt bad for them but I wasn't upset with the DZ for maintaining a standard. It may seem to be picky but they have a program and they stick to it. I respect that. The instructors that I met were very professional and experienced. Nobody spoke down to us (me a D/TI and my son an A). The primary concerns were safety and having fun. Isn't that what's important? We met other skydivers, local and out of townies visiting. Managed to make some jumps with another visitor and all had a great time. I felt that this was a very good environment for both the new and experienced skydiver. The building/hanger was well equipped with space and items as well as TV, snacks and games to occupy the non jumpers. The King Air was awesome. The things that only slightly bothered me were that the flight pattern is both left and right depending on where you are on the load. I am use to having things one way... Since there were only a few of us it didn't matter much but if the groups were larger I think it would have gotten confusing. But I have an open mind so maybe it works. The trailer ride was interesting. I'd never had to be transported to the loading/landing areas. Again, open minds... All in all these were not issues. This is a great drop zone. Like most bigger operations, they have established rules. Be prepared to show your paperwork and gear to confirm you are current. I will definitely jump there again if I return to Colorado.
  2. From the moment I walked in they were interested in getting me up in the air. A quick look at my gear and paperwork and a briefing had me on the load in under 40 min. Met some great people! Seems like they draw from many different DZ's. I enjoyed watching the upper experience level jumpers working with the lower numbers. That's so important and apreciated!!! Great place to spend your time. I only got two jumps today (didn't get there until late) but I had an awesome afternoon.