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  1. Thanks Tom! We weren't sure how this would go over, but after the response we've received we are definitely planning on doing it again in 2015 - bigger and better! The PIA Symposium will be held right next door (Daytona Beach) in March 2015 as well, so we are hoping to get a whole lot of good safety tips straight from the horses (manufacturers) mouth during that time. If you have suggestions for topics or fun stuff you'd like us to cover, start thinking... you can drop me a line ([email protected]) with suggestions that I'll jot down for the 2015 round
  2. Mmmmm chocolate :) Andrea, I will be stalking you to steal your chocolate, watch out!! You guys should see the expo hall, it's been set up and transformed from an old warehouse to pure awesomeness, thanks to our amazing team and incredible volunteers. Can't wait!! Blue Skies Magazine
  3. Swiss stuff???? OMG OMG OMG. I hope it is what I think it is.... Fish, the entire Expo may depend on what you put in your suitcase And yeah, lets see who is coming! Lara and I are already here and will be, well... the whole time :) And a word of warning - it appears that we will run out of t-shirts, so if you want make sure you get one - in your size, pre-register: http://www.skydiveexpo.com/?page_id=372 Can't wait to see everyone, fun times ahead! Blue Skies Magazine
  4. Hrmfp. Aren't you supposed to be driving to Georgia or something? Plus, SkyGod said to tell you to stop by at the Blue Skies Mag headquarters to pick up some magazines to give out in Fitz Blue Skies Magazine
  5. Oh dear lord, lets not make SkyGod's head any bigger than it already is Blue Skies Magazine
  6. Ahhh the inside scoops!! How about these guys for organizers/seminar speakers? Charles Wilkin Guy Wright Luis Prinetto Mike Lewis Nik Daniels Norman Kent Robert Feldman Sandy Grillet Scott Palmer Solly Williams Kristian"Mox" Moxnes Fred Fugen Vince Reffet Stéphane Zunino Melanie Curtis Simon Repton .... just to name a few :) And then there will be a handful of the most awesome skydiving manufacturers, to show you all kinds of equipment. We also hear there will be some new stuff, never seen before, magically appearing at the Expo. We can't wait either :) Blue Skies Magazine
  7. Sorry that we won't be able to make it this year - but Skydive Expo planning will be keeping us very busy We are happy to send a gift certificate for the Raffle and absolutely love the cause you picked - well done. Have a great time and send us stories and pictures! Blue ones, Kolla Blue Skies Magazine
  8. Happy to share that Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel from AXIS Flight School in Eloy, AZ will be attending - Brianne to organize FS (RW/belly) jumps, and Niklas to stalk us with his camera (both in the sky and on the ground). Fuuuuun! Blue Skies Magazine
  9. We have just received the word that the Fastest Rigger on the planet (per the PIA reserve packing contest in Reno last February) will be attending the Expo. All you riggers out there can visit with Master Margaret at the Rigging Innovations booth and get some tips from her on efficiency and cool rigging stuff
  10. Normiss, I think that would be a great project - I know a magazine that would love to publish such videos! As for a seminar (and videos), would you looking for a project to be a part of?? Blue Skies Magazine
  11. Great idea SkyMama! Skydivesg has a good point that nothing beats some hands on experience, as not all doors are the same (even if on the same type of aircraft). We will ask our organizers to make sure to do a "door briefing" with their groups, and if possible, allow people to observe or assist :) Blue Skies Magazine
  12. It's happening again! The Skydive Expo planning committee has been hard at work for the past few months. We want to invite you to join us in DeLand, Florida April 3rd - 8th, 2012 for the Skydive Expo! Visit manufacturers of awesome skydiving gear at their booths and hit up seminars by some of the best and brightest minds in skydiving. On top of all that, load organizing and fun jumps by world class skydivers. Watch the Expo website Expo for updates on vendors, organizers, seminar speakers, hotel deals and all that good stuff. We will update this thread with more information as it comes. If you are interested in being a vendor, get in touch for more information. The forums here are a great space to let us know if you have any questions about the event or let us know if you are hoping to get something specific out of it - or you can drop us a line at [email protected] We are also looking for volunteers to help us running this non-profit event. Word has it that both Skymama and Normiss will be slaving away, so you have a chance to get up and close with both of them Registration will open shortly and look forward to see everyone enjoying the Florida sunshine with us in April
  13. And, the Skydive Expo in DeLand, April 3-8th :) Blue Skies Magazine
  14. Chris, I´m sorry to inform you that yes, I´ll be the one attending..... I hope you will be able come to terms with that before I show up knocking on your RV door, mouthing off and demanding a cold beverage for having made the long treck from Florida. Odds are I will also be bitching about the weather (too hot/too cold, too humid/not humid enough), traffic, allergies and whatever else I can come with on the way up Consider yourself warned. Can't wait to see ya - this will be a great event! Blue Skies Magazine
  15. But Nova, you ARE special (to us at least ). Kelly, look forward to see hear from you tomorrow - we will get you sorted out :) And everyone - seriously, if you have suggestions for content (or better yet - are willing to contribute), by all means get in touch. I don't expect everyone to like everything every time - but we can at least try to get content in there that interests our readers. So, speak up! I know it can seem daunting to e-mail the editor, but we'd love to hear from you guys in some way. Maybe we need a whole new "Wish-list for BSM content/articles/features" thread or something?? Or leave us a note on our Facebook page? Because, trust me, if you ask, you will most likely receive - as long as we can find the right person to cover the topic. We really want Blue Skies Mag to be a community where people feel they can freely exchange opinions, ask questions, get information - and on occasion flash their boobies for more altitude. But it isn't going to happen without you - so pipe up and tell us what you want, what you like/don't like, what you want to see more/less etc etc. And the feedback - we truly appreciate it, so keep it coming