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  1. TomNoonan

    Everest tandem gear

    Hi We are using TP-400 and Sigma II -370 tandem mains in the Himalaya. To date tandem landings have been limited to 12.350ft MSL. As we go to the higher DZs, 15,000ft, 16,900ft and 17192ft MSL, those have been sport (solo) landings so far. We have an excellent drop zone at 15,000ft, but due to the weather complexities and size of the dz up there, we need next to perfect conditions for tandem landings at 15k. Each year we plan it, but always exercise patience. For example last year the wind conditions were perfect, but we had a fresh snow cover to contend with so we could not identify the ruts and rocks in the grounds visually, so we called off the jump. Hope that info helps.
  2. We are now only a few days away from the EU IE standardization meeting. Just wanted to reach out one last time to anyone that hasn't been in touch with myself of Frank Carreras that is planning to attend the meeting. or Shoot one of us an email and let us know. Hotels are booking up fast and we have a large number of people attending, its going to be a great meeting for sure.
  3. An often missed benefit of a helmet, especially the ones with a good amount of padding inside is that they do a tremendous job at muffling the sound of the engine. Turbine's are one thing, but when you spend 30-40 minutes of every hour on a busy day sitting in a noisy piston Cessna, day after day, month after month, year after year, it can take its toll on your hearing. Ear plugs do a good job, but its a noticeable difference with the helmet. Best noise reduction is both, but it can also be hard to hear the student if you have ear plugs in and a helmet on. Just my .02 on Cessnas and helmets.