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  1. Basically I want to send my aad from england Get it back and get Colin to pack it with my reserve. But i dont particularly want to pay a rigger in uk to open it take my aad out and do a reserve pack just for colin to have to redo it 5 weeks later! I wont be jumping in between -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  2. I dont fancy jumping without an AAD, I just want to send it off and then get Colin at empuria to do my reserve pack! Cheers -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  3. Hi guys, my 4 year cypres service is due. I live in england, but am jumping in spain in six weeks. Is it possible to remove a cypres oneself(i have no rigger qualifications) and send it and then get just the one reserve pack. Or do i have to pay a rigger to take it out pack my reserve, and then pay another six weeks later to put it in again?? thanks -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  4. Might leave it til late April then? Thanks -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  5. Yep, you might need one set at Elsinore and the other at Perris or vice versa. January is a crap shoot. What about early April? -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  6. Hi, Can anyone tell me what I could expect weather wise later march/april in Perris. Is it usually dry, and is it hot, or just warm? Many thanks P.S Is it generally hotter at skydive san diego? Thanks again -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  7. Has anyone used it? Are the alarms under canopy accurate? I appreciate some first hand info, as it sounds potentially a nice bit of kit. -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  8. It does. The largest DZ in Europe generally uses it as their guide for exit seperation... Cool. Now it's been established that they are wrong. Where's that? Empuria? Yep -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  9. .......will tell you what size your optimum replaces. .........will give you ALL the pack volumes, including woth different line sets (VERY SECRETIVE) and the rest. All of the pd website my friend, just trying to help, obviously as i don't jump an optimum 126 I won't bother next time -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  10. PD state that as ageneral rule, optimum replaces the next size down in pd reserve. So it should replace a 113. For your container u should be looking at a 106 PD reserve/113 optimum, might be tight??? Pack volume for PD 106 is 249 Pack volume of Optimum126 is 271 Si -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  11. looks like florida again then!!! -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  12. I went ot california in march once, it rained for most of the week?? -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  13. Hi, we fly from England every March to florida, aas the weather's great, with plenty of bars and hooters! Maybe we change destination this March. Anyone reccomend a country or place, with great weather (IN MARCH)!, nice dz's, nice planes, and plenty of bars, that's not florida??? Many thanks -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------
  14. Dude, everyone is clapping you on the back for 'staying alive' ! Sorry to be harsh, but the only reason your alive is luck ...that your downplane wasn't fatal, downplanes have killed many. Jumping with a solid cloud base at 1500ft Audible Alti not working correctly Chest strap not done No Altitude awareness demonstrated (If it wasn't for your AAD you'd be a statistic) No Awareness of 2 canopy out management (with a downplane configuration, - chop the main immediately) We all make mistakes and I'm no expert, but I'd consider preparing for the sport a bit better. -------------------------------------------------- Practise the 6 P's! --------------------------------------------------