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  1. How can your wish to eat meat be an argument against the science behind man made global warming? /Martin
  2. In the US: At what age are you allowed to join the army and go and shoot at iraqies, and at what age are you allowed to buy a beer? /Martin
  3. Finnish gun laws are probably the most liberal in Europe. I belive you can by a handgun at the age of 15. The number of guns per capita is twice that of most other European countries. /Martin
  4. cheap dollars and bad genes ... but I smell clichés here.
  5. No it's not an utopia, it's the way of almost all of the industrialized world. Now you are just trying to misunderstand me. I'm just trying to say that the way a state provide health care for all should be done in whatever way fits that state/culture best. This question don't have the same moral implication. /Martin
  6. This is two completely separate subjects. 1: Should a well functioning state provide health care to all its citizens? 2: Which is the best way to provide health care to all? The first question has a moral character and I truly believe the answer is yes. Question number two however is more of a practical question. Whatever system is most effective in a specific place is the best one. I have my doubts about private insurance companies since their biggest incentive is not to give people health care ... but it is not a moral question so I I'll leave it at that.
  7. Thats quite a statement. On what do you build that argument? I would be really interested to see a study rating acute care around the world. Please show me, I am sincerely curious (I work in an ER). Yes I agree that some sort of universal health care is obviously superior to other types of health care funding. I didn't need this study to realize that but some might. Allot of science is focusing on finding problems rather than solving them, it's sort of the first step. But again I agree that the result of the above mentioned study is rather obvious.
  8. I can somehow buy all the arguments about how universal health care (no one except American conservatives calls it socialized) threatens your economical freedom. But the argument that the quality of US health care is better then other industrialized countries are just plain wrong. I've read quite a few studies on the subject and I cant remember a single one where the US were used as a good example or had an really good rating. Yes, allot of the best specialist in many areas work in America, but that only accounts for a tiny tiny part of all the health care that is produced. The bulk (the type that you and me would receive) has been proved to lack in both quality and cost efficiency time and time again. /Martin
  9. I've bought one a few weeks ago and must say that I'm really happy with it. Ive been jumping a Protec for the last 2000 or so jumps, because it was the only helmet that I believed gave me any real protection. The HR2 might be the one skydive specific helmet that have a chance to save your head in a crash involving more energy than a bitch slap. For me it's the most comfortable helmet I've tested (Usually I wear L but this time M was perfect. I have a pretty round ball). There is no problem wearing two audibles (at least L&Bs) and it's pretty dam quiet. /Martin
  11. Or do as the world team 96 and use MI 26 helicopters. Choppers are cool and you don't have to worry to much about airspeed.
  12. You mean you have an IQ of 121, but are a little bit embarrassed that it's less than 130.
  13. Has France received loan forgiveness, or have they just been bad at keeping their budget? I really don't think that comparing yourself with the worst is a way for success. /Martin
  14. Which countries are you talking about? How about rising the bar a little bit beyond extremely poor subsaharan counties...
  15. I didn't make an argument on who is better at getting value for the money. I just made the argument that the money will be spent regardless of who is holding on to them. Joe Schmoe is probably better at forcing the market to make better and better hummers, then the govt at getting better teachers. But I still go for the teachers cause I'm pretty sure it's a better long term investment. ...and to make things clear; I also value the freedom of spending my own money.