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  1. I thought you were talking about Salsa John 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  2. Yup, trip to the ER, the OR, then no jumping for 6 months! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  3. In the military, Bob was considered "the best of the best" meaning he was physically tough and highly intelligent. He served 30+ years in the US Air Force. Bob Holler is a retired Pararescue Chief (E-9), he was also a USPA certified Accelerated Freefall Instructor for the 23rd AF MTT from November 1984 through August 1986. The 23rd AFF MTT intructors and course were certified and validated by the US Army as an approved military freefall and High Glide Ratio parachute qualification course. From the period 1984 to 1986 the 23rd AF MTT trained and qualified 300 pararescuemen plus a couple of other AF and non-Air Force military personnel here and there. Here is a photo of Bob and his unit in Afghanistan I dug up from the internet. Bob is in the middle of the photo. 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  4. damn Bob! I remember how much I hated you when we first met. It was the sunset load and it was a little windy, I had a brain-fart and landed downwind across the beer line and got my jumpsuit dirty. EVERYONE who was on the deck saw it so I turned my back to them in shame. Then I see this short guy come walking on out, and I'm thinking "oh shit...." He asked me what the line was that I crossed, and I said it was the "beer line". He said "no....I call it the safety line and it is here for a reason" He made me feel really small and I thought to myself, this guy is an asshole. I had no clue who he was at that time. A few months later, and a few jumps wiser, bob asks me if I would like to start jumping with him in his 'small' group. I accepted and learned what a great guy he really was. Safety was number one with him and he would emphasize it time and time again both before and after the jump. His military career is probably what made him seem brash at times but I'm thankful for the brashness. He would make you really think about something that you've done wrong but at the same time tell you something positive. I've learned more from Bob then anyone else in the sport. I still have so much to learn but am going to treasure every finger-shaking, scolding, smile and jump that he gave me. Because of you, my friend, I am a better, and safer skydiver. You'll be missed in Deland. I'll be sure to smoke a fat Cohiba for you my brother! Blue Skies & Peace, Randy 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  5. Oh yeah....almost forgot! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  6. It could be, and I hope it is. Bush flat out lied to the american people about PUBLIC issues NOT a PERSONAL issue (like Clinton). He dragged us into a war based on flat-out lies and we are all okay with that. Whereas Clinton lied about a PERSONAL relationship that had no bearing on the American people. We aren't losing lives every day because he got a little head in the hidden corridor and lied to us about it. Whop-dee-do!! Clintons escapade should have been between himself and Hilary. Bush is a bully, and a bold faced liar. Impeach the fucker! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  7. Judges certainly don't write the law, but laws can be rewritten, so to speak, by case law precidence set by their individual interpretation of existing laws. I think that is probably what he ment to say and it was lost in translation! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  8. Bush is such a sneaky asshole. You all know why Rumsfeld resigned right? Dubya asked him to step down because the Democrats just won control of the House and possibly the Senate. Since full control won't be shifted until January, he can get another one of his cronies through the confirmation hearings before the Democrats can stop him. Rumsfeld would not have stepped down by himself or on his own without Bush strongly recommending him to do so. Bastard, I would have loved to see the confirmation hearings on CSPAN with a Democratically controlled House and Senate. And I would have LOVED to see Rumsfeld getting roasted as well! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  9. well...I just got home from the office and now I'm getting the silent treatment! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  10. Thanks Andrea! Well.... 'Alyssa Jade' was born on September 26 @ 7:35 pm, had ten fingers and ten toes! (and yes, I DID count and any father who says that he doesn't is lying!!) she was 20 inches long and weighed 6lbs-14ozs. She is VERY cute and I love her more then anything in this whole world!! She's been out to the DZ a few times already but we try not to keep her out there that long. I never thought that I'd be the fatherly type, but it's funny how things change! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  11. the muzzle is a good idea, but I don't think they'd go for that. I am also concerned about the dog tearing up my house. My future ML isn't the greatest house keeper and I KNOW that her dog uses the bathroom inside her house. I've met the dog before, and he is okay, and if I didn't live in the neighborhood that I live in, and I didn't have a newborn daughter, I would be more receptive to having her AND the dog come stay with us. People in my neighborhood don't have pitbulls or rotties, as I stated earlier. What a dilema. I can understand the impact that any decision I make will have on our future relationship but if in my gut, I am not comfortable about her dog being around my infant daughter, I don't really think there should be much of a riff, if any, provided that she is an understanding person. All I am saying is that, why take the chance? I value my daughters life more then anything in the world and I honestly cannot see myself allowing a dog of that size and breed around her. We have gut feelings for a reason. My point being, if it was a small dog, the little dog would hurt my daughter, no question but a pitbull would probably kill her, and I'm not comfortable with assuming that risk in my household. 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  12. I guess in this instance, size does matter. 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  13. You are correct in that assumption, but if a chihuahua decides to bite someone, I can take care of that real quick! Not with an non-neutered 140lb pit bull though. If that dog does latch down on someone, I won't be able to get it off. And if a chihuahua nipped at the infant, I'd smack it, and that'd be the end of that. If I smacked the pit, I'd be yet another statistic in the papers. I appreciate everyones comments, thank you all very much! 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  14. well.... my FML is not only coming to visit us, but also her brother who lives locally and is dying of AIDS. So I suggested that maybe she do and stay with him and the dog, but my SO said no to that. It's not like I already have dogs. I don't even own one so I really don't want one in my house. As far as how long she is going to be here? Well....that has never really been discussed so I don't know, I do know that she is out of work right now so it could potentially start as a few days and end up as years...am I crazy, or does this sound like the plot to Gilligan's Island? 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001
  15. I just don't get it.... I would NEVER put my dog on anyone (when I had one). I don't really like the way that the dog smells either and I KNOW that is is going to ruin the carpet if I allow him to stay in the house. And when a 140 lb dog decides to cut-loose with an *accident* on the carpet, you might as well dump a two-liter down. And I've got thick padded berber. I'm not being superficial but I'd like to keep my house smelling nice and clean and not have to worry about all of the "what-if" scenarios that I've come up with. I think that the dog won't be staying with us. 010010010110010101100001011101000111000001110101011100110111001101111001