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  1. Nope, never made it out of Thailand!!!! Next month headin to Wind tunnel in Kuala Lumpar then Russia in Aug, I've givin up on the SE Asia thing :-) You still in OZ?? Peeps, Cheers for all the info but I'm going to the land where divin is handed to you on a plate, keep it simple
  2. Looking for info on any DZ's in SE Asia, any and all countrys. I've emailed several but getting no replys - do any exist? Living in Thailand but will travel as far as necessary A very desperate skydiver
  3. I wouldn't bother with the dropzone in Pattaya, Thailand, they're not sports jumping friendly. They've 1 cesna and really only opperate for tandems and the rare AFF student. Unless you can fill the plane they probably wont be interested in you. They also didn't have any gear fro rent when I visited, all i need was a helmet and they didn't have any to rent or seem to think it was necessary There was talk of another DZ opening but as of yet I've heard didly.....
  4. Its pants, they've a cesna 182 but I think they're more geared up for tandems, I went there and was told I'd have to do a retrain as I hadn't jumped in 6months. There retrain was a hop n pop for 70euro, stick it up your arse!!! There was talk of another dz opening but haven't heard anything since Stick to scuba diving if you do visit
  5. Ah State farm - name of policy, it all makes sense!! These are all insured under home insurance but does anyone know of a travel insurance that covers rigs, ie for someone of the homeless variety and all they own in this world is their rig
  6. Thanx for the reply's. Firstime - who'd you get the cover with?
  7. When travelling what do people reccommend when it comes to insuring your rig? All company's I found so far dont cover for anymore than €1000. Does anyone bother insuring there rig? The trip is a yr+++ We've insurance to cover any sports related accidents but didly for anything else. I realise this is also the wrong place to be asking for info on places but I'll chance my arm we're heading to New Zealand via Thailand and Sydney, any reccommendations on DZ's. We're hoping to get some sort of work (most likely packing, manifest etc ,we're ony starting out at this game Is it pretty much chance your arm when you get to a dz and talk your way into a job??