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  1. plastic

    Results British CF Nationals 2007

    Hi, Ignore the 2-way results. The judging was found to be so inconsistent that most of the teams put in protests about the judging. The judges then threatened the competitiors that if they did not withdraw the protests they would leave the competition, the competitors refused to be blackmailed in this way so all the event judges resigned and left before the competition was complete. No medals were awarded for the 2-way and the discs have been retained to be judged at a later date by a qualified fai judge. One example of this was heat on rd 4 only did 7 formations but were scored 8 points. The chief judge asked the event judges to review this dive they did and claimed the score was correct, despite all the teams being able to view this dive on camtrix which was playing all the dives on monitors around the dropzone and all being in agreement that they had only reached the 7th formation in the sequence, apart from heat who made no comment. Interesting note, heat were jumping i believe velocity 99's or something similar. Due to bad weather only 3 rounds of rotations were done and the sequential never got started and will be re-arranged for another date. plastic
  2. plastic

    CF WebChallenge anyone?

    Divx will give you the best compression rate.
  3. plastic

    Jump Story (All Good, Nobody Dies)

    Outstanding story. I have had risers with hard housings for the last year or two because of the possibility of getting risers twisted on a bad wrap (the old sequential days of gaff to boomerang spring to mind). I am curious, do you guys really go from no2 to piolt without having hands in the toggles or did i mis-read your post. Glad you survived. Plastic
  4. plastic

    Characteristics of Triathlon models?

    In my experience people who say crw canopies land like sh*t are usually people who cannot land them or have never jumped one and have only watched pther people who cannot land them. I have jumped lightnings for years (9) and always get good landings even in nil wind days, yet i hear many people complain about the way lightnings land. I did jump a competition triathlon quite a bit about 10 years ago and the landings were ok even then when i did not have that much experience landing crw canopies. Compared to the french rubis and the old ar7 landings on lightnings and triathlons are a dream. plastic
  5. plastic

    Nice dive.

    Collums looks nice, fancy a bi-plane diamond when you come to england in september. you can even pilot if you want! plastic
  6. plastic

    Stack to Stack

    Akay, I think that grabbing canopies and walking grips would be even slower. When you get this technique right you should be looking at a 5s transition from stack to stack which should be as quick as any other transition. plastic
  7. plastic

    Stack to Stack

    Akay, A good way to do this is the top guy to do a quick outside front riser (whichever way you prefer) and then back in on brakes with a little more inside brake. Sometimes the bottom guy may need to use a little inside brake to "open the door" if the top guy goes to far to the side. If the top guy overcooks it and comes back a little low then the bottom guy can jab both front risers to drop the canopy on. When the top guy gets good at this it is a simple swing out swing in. Remember you must show seperation between points. Hope this helps Plastic
  8. plastic


    Sounds like a formation i have heard called a double diamond. Seems they had a go at this at the spectakel last year, i heard this from maria russel who was one of the lower wings, she ended up cutting away, but not sure if she took anybody with her. plastic
  9. plastic


    Hi, I will ask PD what he can remember about that. Sadly the freefall videoman who shot that footage died some years ago on a base jump so i heard. I think it is really safe as long as you get it right! Plastic
  10. plastic

    British Parachute Schools, Langar

    I have jumped at langar for 15 years. why, because i have not found a better dz in the uk. Good lift capacity, good staff. They cater for all skydivers regardless of discipline. Some dz's look at cf jumpers (like me) like a disease, langer, if you want to pay they will let you jump, all are treated with an equal amount of respect. If a dz cannot accommodate you it is because they cannot run the dz properly. Langar is the place to skydive. Plastic
  11. plastic

    World Cup
  12. plastic

    Aerograd Kolomna

    I visited kolomna with an 8-way crw team in june 2005. Despite the fact that we wanted to exit at 7000ft and then fly across the dz building canopy formations this seemed to cause no inconvenience to the dropzone due to the very professional staff that run the dz control and on the busiest day they still did 58 loads and were still jumping when we left the dz. Kolomna was operating an MI-8, let-410 and an AN28. Even at the busiest time we had no more than 30 minutes between manifesting and jumping but 10-15 minutes was more normal. This dropzone is rapidly becoming one of the best in the world and offers excellent facilities with all buildings being very modern and well maintained. The recently completed toilet and shower block is as good as you would find on a dz anywhere, and accommodation is also rapidly being completed on the dropzone. There are two large covered packing areas, good catering facilities and the dropzone is large and hazard free. I would recommend this dropzone to anybody but it may be worth making the effort to learn a little russian before you go, however if this is not possible you will get by without too much trouble as the staff and local jumpers are all very friendly and helpful with a few of them speaking good english. Would i return, definately. Enjoy.
  13. plastic

    Skydiving in Koloma russia

    I took my 8-way crw team out there for a 1 week training camp two weeks ago. This is a great dz, run in a very professional manner. They have an mi-8 a let-410 and an an-28. When they are busy they will be using all 3 but during the week if they are not so busy they will use 1 plane until the people are there to start using more. The busiest day we were there they had done 58 lifts and were still jumping when we left the dz. However regardless of how busy they were when we manifested we never had more than a 30 min wait for a lift but 10-20 mins was more normal, and you will get in as many jumps as you want. There are people around who speak some english but once you leave the dz it is russian only, with a couple of exceptions, we stayed at the hotel kolomna which is very cheap, very basic but very clean and some of the reception staff speak english. Also most nights we ate at viva pizza which has an english menu (i mean written in english) and some of the staff speak a little english. there is also a cash machine very close to here. russian roubles are the currency here not US dollars, the hotel we also had to pay in cash, the dz will take mastercard/visa for jumps. The toilet and showerblock are new, good and clean. Food and drink is available on the dz all day. They also expect to see a seal on your reserve, which was a problem for us as some of us pack our own, but they got around this by using temporary seals which we signed. We also had a cypress exception as we were doing crw but we had cleared this with the dz owner beforehand, but otherwise cypress (sorry aad) is mandatory. As is normal you will get a dz brief and help with all the paperwork when you arrive. Enjoy! Regards Plastic p.s. any specific questions feel free to pm me.
  14. Thought this was an invitation only event.