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  1. Hi Dave,

    I have a couple of requests. I'm still getting traffic from posts on dz.com and want to provide the people with the old videos. Would you mind uploading the following?

    • roger_nelson.wmv

    • 0208.wmv

    • yotmb.wmv

    • OLN_Fearless.wmv

    • mccordia_herc2004_trailer.wmv

    • Exit1.mpg

    • plffast.wmv

    • jeb_demo-big.WMV

    Whenever you got some spare time, no rush :)
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  2. BrianLion

    Awesome! Thank you. How about some kind of auto play feature? Where it plays the next related video automatically or lets you choose from a few related videos, instead of having to go back each time.

    Yeah, this feature is on my TODO list. You will also be able to bulk select the kind of movies you searched for and auto play those. But this may take a while. I'm doing development in my spare time and am still looking for sponsors.
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  3. All of you veterans will probably remember the time when we posted all of our movies on skydivingmovies.com. But somewhere in 2009 I guess the server crashed and there were no backups.

    Since then I missed the website so much that I've now recreated it to my best ability. But I'll let PilotDave be the judge of that ;).

    Officially the new site is hosted at skydivingmovies.org, but thanks to CraigPoxon you will also land there by typing skydivingmovies.com. Big thanks to him for pointing old links towards the new website.

    Many of you are probably wondering why another skydivingmovies website when we allready have jointheteem?
    Well, this website is database and community oriented. Everyone can contribute and searching videos should become an easy task.

    It also has an algorithm based on view count, rating and comments to calculate what videos are most popular. This way you can keep posted on only the best of the best. You can also use the newsletter to subscribe to a specific category.

    Why am I posting this here? I want to ask all of you guys to contribute to the website so we can make a massive database again with all of your skydive related videos. Become a member now!

    PS: All feedback is welcome, just post your comment in this thread.

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  4. mcstain

    Best thing to do is to find a health care professional such as a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist who you can discuss this kind of thing with. They will be far more up to date on the research in terms of CBD, but you may need to shop around to find someone a little more open minded. A lot of doctors prescribe on the basis of the status quo -- so if a medication like an SSRIs works for 70% of people, they will continue to prescribe SSRIs for all of their patients until a better option comes along. Other physicians may be more willing to enter into a non-conventional treatment plan, and this is something you can negotiate together.

    I tried discussing this with my psychiatrist today. She also rejected my arguments. During the session she made several comments on what a difficult patient I am and they could have easily discharged me from the hospital because all I did was lay down in the couch.

    I told her I needed more help in getting my ass into fitness therapy and she said the staff already tried everything to help me get into therapy. She said I needed to show more commitment to fight my depression. The basic line I got from the conversation was "you are responsible for your depression, you should solve it".

    That's why I escaped from the hospital and will ask they fire me immediatly. If I have to believe my psychiater there is nothing they can do to help me and I should go find alternatives.

    I'm really dissapointed in the way they treated me...
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  5. Just stumbled upon a 4 minute video about depression. It seems so well explained. In an other way that doctors and psychiaters have given to me:

    Could anyone tel me why my brain hasn't been scanned yet and why my DNA hasn't been analyzed? According to this video that should be the first things to do before the doctor can diagnose you and start treatment to stimulate brain growth?

    The more I do research the more I keep getting pointed at cannabis.

    Why haven't my doctors put me on CBD yet?
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  6. Thijs

    While cannabis might have positive effects, I personally don't know anyone who smokes cannabis for 'medical' reasons. They all smoke it to get high.

    I feel it is the same discussion which has been going with alcohol. People desperately try to claim that 'alcohol has positive effects on the body' but ignore all the fucked up things alcohol is causing.

    I fail to see why healthy people should smoke cannabis, or what the positive effects are for them. If cannabis helps in the cure of certain diseases, then that is great, but leave the when and how much cannabis to use over to people who know more about it.

    You should not compare alcohol with cannabis, if you do you should first read this:

    Cannabis is a plant! Why would you prohibit people from using pure nature for their own benefit? It's only because all the medical pill companies are fucking scared cannabis is going to cost them money cause it can replace a lot of synthetic shit they sell.
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  7. wmw999

    If he's serious, it doesn't cost you anything to stay the fuck out of the thread, and by posting you might just add to whatever is going on.

    I am very serious. I'm using the internet now because I find it hard to talk to people in person about my problems. I don't mind trolls that say I'm full of shit other than they make it a harder read for people who are really interested.


    There is no substitute for healthy eating and excercise. If given that your body will take care of the rest.

    In the next few weeks I'm going to try and change this. I will let you know what effect it has on my mood.


    First of all are you just depressed or are you bi-polar?

    I'm not bi-polar, I don't have any ups at all. That's what makes it so hard to implement lifestyle changes. I'm always down and tired.


    Pull low & date your riggers wife ... You'll be back to normal in no time.

    That or dead... Which would prolly be okay with the people you choose to endanger.

    I choose not to endanger anyone. I just quit jumping when I'm feeling too bad. It just really scares me that the last thing that made me want to live is getting fucked by my depression. I'm not just bored of skydiving, there is so much more I want to learn and experience.
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  8. BillyVance

    ******Mister Crash...
    You are full of shit...

    What the fuck is your problem?

    Maybe the fact that he posted in Speakers Corner trying to glean votes online for legalizing cannabis in Europe?

    I don't even smoke cannabis. I started promoting the legalization because I believe it can help in curing cancer and other illnesses. What's wrong with trying to help other people? I just haven't figured out how to help myself through depression.

    Saying I'm full of shit doesn't really touch my feelings. I know why I do stuff, and I am fully aware not all people agree with me. But people who keep mixing up different subjects just make it a hard read for others...
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  9. mcstain

    One other small thing is to assess your diet and exercise regime. Do you eat mostly fresh food with plenty of fruit and vegetables? Do you exercise regularly? I've found these things to affect my moods and general outlook on life to a surprising extent.

    These are things I used to be able to do but my energy levels are constantly so low I can't even make it to the gym that is only 1km from home. And making fresh food has never been my strong side. Though I will try to get some fruits into my body. Thx for the tips.


    Get your blood checked. Problems like low vitamin D levels can cause depression. Psychiatrists often don't look for things like that and vitamin levels aren't part of the usual CBC/metabolism panels so you may want to see an endocrinologist.

    See a psychiatrist and try different anti-depressants until you find one which works for you. Buproprion (Wellbutrin) is unique in limiting dopamine reuptake thus increasing your levels (like adventure sports).

    I did have my blood checked by my doctor and everything was okey then. But that was like 9 years ago when it first started. So maybe I'll have it checked again.

    Wellbutrin was one of the first meds I took against depression. And at that time it didn't seem to have a great effect on me. But now the depression has gotten so bad it might be worth trying again. I'll ask my psychiater tomorrow.


    At the same time it's a good time to look for other reasons you might be depressed -- you could have a sleep disorder of some sort and constantly have low energy. It could be a food allergy or imbalance in your diet -- crashing off sugar or caffeine gets a lot of people down. It could be a vitamin deficiency or a need to get more exercise, as other people have mentioned in this thread. It could be PTSD, which therapy and meds seem to help.


    I did do a sleep research like a month ago and I do seem to wake up more than regular person. I still need to contact the hospital to see if there is something I can do to improve my sleep. Because I wake up more tired than I go to bed. Could that have something to do with my dreams? Almost every time I wake up, I am dreaming. And the dreams do involve a lot of stress...

    I try to cut as much sugar out of my diet because depression caused me to gain a lot of weight. But one thing I still can't kick is cafeïne. I tell myself I need it to keep awake. But I'm long passed that momemt. Cafeïne has no effect on me any more. So I could just as well try to stop that nasty habit. I'll give it a try. Thx for the tips.


    In the "genie in a bottle" scenario my first wish would be for all those who suffer from depression/anxiety to be able to see themselves as their friends see them.

    I try to avoid friends as much as possible because I don't want them to see me suffer. They always ask me if there is anything they can do to help, but I don't even know how I can help myself.
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  10. Core27

    Ya, I'm angry against the hypocrite atheists who call the religious weak minded and then go smoke a joint/drink to deal with life. I know the people here and what they do...I have no problem bringing it up in this thread.

    I am an atheïst, I don't smoke and I sometimes drink. I'm just promoting this subject because I believe that cannabis has many positive effects (f.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DttdDOqQMuY) on people and legalizing would decriminalise and decrease price.

    You should just compare how many deaths war through religion have caused compared to people overdosed on cannabis (millions versus 0)...

    Now can you shut up?
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  11. Hello guys,

    For several years I have been fighting depression. Skydiving has always been the one thing that got my spirits up and made me want to live again. But the last few weeks it seems I don't want to jump anymore. Each time I do, I land and I don't feel energized or happy anymore. The one thing I can still enjoy is high speed landings. The more dangerous stuff I do, the better I feel.

    I really have to restrain myself not to hurt myself or others. I need help to find another way to get positive in life again.

    Do any of you know ways I can fight depression other than pushing the limits of danger?
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  12. Cannabis: 2,093,216 people like this topic

    Hello friend,
    It shouldn’t be that hard to get one million signatures to legalize cannabis in Europe. If you are an European citizen, please give 2 minutes of your life to change history and make cannabis legal!

    If you haven’t already of course. Vote for this initiative: https://clicknsign.eu/en/projects/93/legalise-cannabis

    Also, if you could convince at least 10 of your friends to sign the proposal, you would really help cut my work down. So don’t forget to share! I appreciate and answer any of your replies.

    Thanks in advance!
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  13. I do think Simon made a bad decision. If you don't agree with a jump you should just leave the group. This triggers those peoples minds into thinking about your decision.

    Simon's course of action triggered resentment from a lot of people. Instead of calling for banning him I think he had a valid point thinking his record was being stolen. As mentioned in one of the first posts 51% needs to have a USPA license to make a state record regardless of where you live or jump. That sounds like a bad rule to me. Both national and international records have nationality included in the rules. Why doesn't a state record have any geography limits in the rules?

    This allows for people from another state to actually steal someones record. I'm not saying that something like that would easily happen but it could.

    Another point I think rules should take into account is the announcement time. 10 minutes does not suffice in my opinion. I think everyone should be given the chance to practice and try to join a record attempt. Just because your dropzone has the potential to break a record that day can also make other people feel like they have been excluded from the chance.

    If the bigway event had stated to do record attempts upon announcing the event I think Simon might not have taken such a drastic measure.

    I'm more afraid of all the hatred I see appearing towards Simon. Yes he made a mistake and he did endanger people. While I do think some kind of measures should be taken by the appropriate people I also think more people should think about the reason that drove him to it.

    You should always follow the rules in skydiving. But these rules were invented by people who actually thought about it. I don't see much people here thinking, but shouting.

    If changing these record rules could positively influence the motivation of jumpers it would have a bigger effect on safety all round than just banning Simon or shouting at him.

    PS: If Simon would have pulled it off cleanly I'd bet 90% of the people would be cheering for him now. Too bad for him, he didn't.
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  14. Hi ya'll I need some advice. I am filming with a CX105 and am editing with PP CS4. All fine when I'm shooting SD-HQ but when I want to edit HD format (AVCHD) I'm in big trouble. Can't pull the preview and don't even try to go for render.

    My laptop setup:

    LATITUDE D820 CORE 2 DUO T7200 (2.0GHZ 6
    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M
    MEMORY : 2048MB (2X1024MB) 533MHZ DDR2 S
    HARD DRIVE : 100GB (7200 RPM) SERIAL ATA (i know this was a mistake)
    Editing with PremiereProCS4

    I have an option to invest in more RAM up to 4GB (also need a new DVD-RW and new battery) That adds up to about 300 euro. But I don't know if that is a good idea, cause if I can't pull it I've invested for nothing and would have been better off selling my laptop and buying a new one. On the other hand, this 3 year old Dell has already got a new motherboard and heatsink, even a new keyboard. So it's about new and will go for another few years.

    I think this is enough info to answer my poll. I don't know shit about hardware, so if you have any tips on good deals or setups, please go ahead...

    :SGreetz MisterCrash.
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  15. Vigil lover here <-------- service doesn't mean elektronics won't malfunction... It's cheap, it works (i found out myself). That 4 yearly service crap and battery change doesn't attract me at all. If I want service, I don't want to lose my AAD for 3 weeks and pay for it bigtime.

    But I think it's a good thing that cypres has something to compete for. Cause that whole one player on the market thing got exploited too much. But in my eyes there is no competing against vigil...

    I think it's a kind of IE & FF situation, but don't shoot me for saying that. Because we can't compare browsers with AAD's. Anyway I love firefox too heheheh.

    Peace out,
    and don't go low cause you will find out they all work.
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