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  1. I have approximately 30 jumps on my Vengance 135 now. The openings can be some what unpredictable! I have had the best openings i have ever had with any canopy on this thing. I have had some of the worst openings I've ever had(IE opening in line twist and spinning up). The canopy opens consistantly with regards to smoth and soft, it has yet to hurt me because of a hard opening. I dare say that I have even jumped this thing with my wingsuit (Ghost) and I have still not had to cut it away, possibly luck???? I'm not big on swooping so I dont have much of an oppinion with regards to that. It has lighter front riser pressure then the stilleto, a bit more oversteer, and a lot longer recovery arc. Thats about the extent of what ive noticed. I really never do more then 90 degree turns with it on landing! Well over it is a great canopy fun to fly as long as you can get it to open without chopping it! PS. The airlocks are amazing in turbulance I cruse right through it!
  2. I'll be there!!! hopefully with a new set of wings.
  3. i just bought a stilleto so far i love it but i am still trying to figure out how to slow the openings down my first jump on it was nice and slow but every one sence has been alittle firm. i love this canopy it has some sweet landings nice and fast but then it has good shutdown power i love it. and the toggle turns are crazy tight, it turns on a dime. i would recomend this canopy to anyone who wants some thing fun but not too crazy this is my first eliptical canopy and i have no proplems flying it previously i was jumping a triathlon 175, and safire 169 and this canopy is a whole different animal its great!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. My falcon 215 tends to open fast. Not realy hard just fast a little uncomfortable. Not painfull so I guess I can't complain to much but no matter how much I role the nose it opens the same way each time. It is nice to land compared to my last canopy a 7 cell. Overall a decent canopy fun to fly reliable and a strong flare for a f111 canopy.
  5. most of the people there are cool. they have every thing you could want (food, pool, nice paking area, and most of all they skydive).