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  1. I should have check this forum before ordering 2 months ago 600$ worth of benny helmets. Same scam as describe in previous posts. Fast, very fast to answer emails when inquiring for orders. He has all in stock, they will ship the same day...And you know the rest... Not able to get any tracking numbers, not answering emails or phone anymore. 2 months have past. I'm patient, I hope that Doug will see the light and come back as a friend he always was. Shit happen and friendship passed....
  2. same here Here are parts of the exchanges: Hello, Thanks for the your prompt response and the information has been forwarded to my associates, But he confirmed to me that payment has be mailed out to you via courier service and i will get back to you with tracking number soon. Amount on check is $8,500, including freighter's funds and as soon as you get the check, All you need do, go ahead and deposit it and let me know when funds will be available in your account and please do get all the paper work's intact for and get it ready for shipment. I hope this is okay by you? once again i will get back to you with the tracking number for the payment. Thanks once again for your understanding act, Regards. David Mark -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: RE: Classifieds - Response to your Ad Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:13:37 -0400 BONJOUR DAVID! You'll be surprise how good this deal his. It's really a steal! Certified check can be made to my name Full Name: Full Address: 7 PO BOX City: State: VT Zip Code: Phone Number: Take care! Daniel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: david mark [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: August-17-11 9:13 AM To: [email protected] Subject: RE: Classifieds - Response to your Ad Hello, I appreciate your response and will take it for your price. I hope the condition is great. I will handle the shipping of the unit as my freighter will contact you after you must have received the funds in your care and clear. I will need the Name and Address for the payment, as am willing to make it inform of Certified Check. Get back to me with the following payment details: The above details will be needed for payment. Regards
  3. 35 minutes from Montreal
  4. Any one have info or known anything about this reserve. Manufacturer, type, size etc.