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  1. Hi all, check out the bonus jump in this link (between 2:10 and 3:10)
  2. Ok, sorry I don't know nothing about the so called atmonauti but the name. As Simon Bones said on the first page, I personnaly call any 3D flying a Free Fly .... But really, nowadays, with new techniques, do you really need a GPS data to see the displacements of angle flying?? You can see a lot of amazing stuffs from skydive sebastian. I invite you to go up there and integrate a group with your own gps. As I am concerned, I don't like competition nor points, just fun There are a lot of big clouds at my place so I love angle flying (between, around or just parallel to the clouds) and today you have a lot of guys who master blind carving in tunnel, they just rock the sky simply Freefly
  3. Hmmmm, you've been in sport for 6 years and you're so radical with your thoughts?? You've never seen it, therefore it probably never existed? There used to be a kind of fun competition called "Tracking Derby" and some of the best performers we've seen so far said they were using an angle instead of being parallel to the ground with FS suit I'll let you do the online search for datas on some DZ I am not a flyer, just a simple guy... I just ask skydivers to be cool, open your mind, travel a lot and meet other skydivers and discover new stuffs. And if someone said he has invented something, so what?? just cool and get a beer after the sunset. Talking about the lift, thanks to the tunnels, I think a lot of folks here particularly pro flyers are able today to fly vertical at a very low speed (that simply impossible for most of us). I just consider the pictures shown above as a sketch trying to explain if you do that then you will considerably reduce your vertical speed and go farther (Then wingsuit flyer will say just come with us and you will fly for 3 minutes And another guy will tell you with two mini engines you can even go up and stay in the sky fo an hour )
  4. Hi guys, is it recommended to start HD in the sky?? Or do you think one can start HD basics with a tunnel coach?? Thanks
  5. You live in London?? two days ago we had a girl from London "Marionnette" who jumped with us
  6. Hey meistwer, hope that you have AAD device in your rig it's mandatory here (a friend of mine has a rig without AAD, so she made a couple of jumps her first week-end, but the staff said no more jumps after that!!!) See you in Lille with "le 2m50"