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  1. This same Guy tried to buy my canopy he wanted to pay me more than I wanted for it if it sounds to good to be true it usually is
  2. Congrat's Hass Are you coming down to Qtown this winter ??????
  3. My smallest tandem student i've taken was a young indian girl she was 7 years old and weighed about 30 kg
  4. I will get as much footage as i can and make a nice wee vid on Imovie. then post it on skydiving movies. I've never done that before but how hard could it be? Very easy...
  5. Hey Bro I would love to see your footage you should put it on
  6. I'm so jealous have fun guy's
  7. doctor

    1st tandem chop!

    oh yeah you know leigh will be doing some packing for you too eh! Looking forward to it I'll get Emma to pack your's
  8. doctor

    1st tandem chop!

    Your shout then aye how about some kilimanjaro premium larger