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  1. Good to hear, will use my VOG with the WS over the coming weekend!
  2. I just got mine in the mail today...their packaging needs some work; the unit was bouncing around inside the box probably the entire trip. Question, charger to be included or just on your own?
  3. soggyday


    Demo of the 170 - 12 jumps on it with the WS. Seemed to pack just a little bigger than my other 170 low bulk WS canopy, but did not have to change length of closing loop. Opens quick but soft; I like the snaps as it keeps it organized if the bag comes off funky. Really enjoyed the flare power (as did my ankles) on the Horizon; you can fly it straight in and still have power and easy to do a little speed to increase this. Had to order one after the demo, exactly what I was looking for and need with the larger canopy for WS's.
  4. I received a demo 170 Horizon last week. I have it in a container sized for a 135 ZP max main and it fits fine. Great openings which I expected but was more interested in the flare for landing compared to my current WS canopy. The Horizon does have more on the bottom end which is what i was looking for. Easy front risers for speed on landing too and seems great on glide (used a little rear riser too). Pretty much sold on it for the WS discipline and will get one on order.