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  1. Openings are soft and very manageable. Riser and or harness input is needed to keep on heading. If you want speed, stability and lots of fun in spirals or full flight order this canopy now. Riser pressure is not too heavy and the canopy responds very well to all input. Leave the nose alone for the best openings! Roll the tail lightly. Swooooooooops like a demon. Get ready for a flight you won't forget... Mikey
  2. Did I remember to put my rig on? In freefall, in the plane. It's that comfotable. Mikey
  3. Properly loaded the Sabre 2 is an exellent choice for a person off student status. Not only is it very high quality, the performance envelope is huge. Regarding the comments about the canopy being too new and not having a track record, consider this: Performance Designs puts more research and development into their products than the majority of other companies. They design and build the canopies that most other companies imitate but rarely duplicate. The fact that they are the industry leader is track record enough. That is not to say other companies don't build a great products. The sabre 2 was devoloped with years of research and this is reflected in it's awesome opening and flight characteristics. My advice, get a demo, jump each canopy @ the same wing-loading. See for yourself. I have a feeling that you'll soon understand the age old saying: you get what you pay for!!!! Blue Skies ! (or at least a couple of holes in the clouds)
  4. This canopy opens so sweetly! Similar to a Spectre but better....I know,I know, hard to believe but it's true! Less altitude is burned in the snivel and the overall forces feel very much like a Spectre. Inflation is extremely smooth. On-heading is an understatement. Rock-solid in brakes or full flight. Flat glide path. Toggle pressure is minimal. Spin spin sugar, spirals are fast and feet back! This canopy required no input to correct oversteer, it simply wasn't there. Great canopy for that long spot! The landing approach is really nice without severe angle to the ground. Swooooooooooooops really well! I would recomend this canopy to any one that wants awesome openings and an extremely fun canopy ride. It is solid, solid, solid. What else would you expect from PD? Call Kolla at Performance Designs for a demo. The only bad thing about the demo is sending it back!
  5. Very funny, and I thought I'd get to read about something other than guns!! On a serious note, do you think your heatwave prob was an isolated incident or common? Bloo ones, Mikey