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  1. I used to jump at Woodbine alot during the 70's. Ralph Smith from Dundalk Md took me out there the first time. I got my SCR there out of a Skyvan and I remember that Bill Ottley was on the jump.
  2. Well said Harvey. With almost 40 years in the sport I've seen alot of people come and go, but for me its still exciting and incredibly fun. I agree that when it stops being fun its time to go, but I haven't found anything in this life that comes close.
  3. I'm using the default settings that came on the camera. The manual doesn't really tell you what settings to use, it simply explains how to operate it. What settings should I be using? Thanks
  4. Hello...I'm jumping a Sony HC42 this summer and I think that the bright sunlight is making my movies look washed out. Should I be using a filter, and if so how would that work with my wide angle lens? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello....I'm getting ready to order a camera helmet and I was wondering how important a cutaway system is for it? It will probably be an FF2 which is pretty smooth and doesn't really look like it would need one. However one is offered, and I was curious to know if there are any good arguments for spending the extra money for one. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. I first used a small L shaped piece of metal to mount the remote camera to the side of a protec helmet. It worked great but the using the remote was horrible. It was way to much to get ready right before you went out the door. I then put the whole camcorder into one half of a small plastic clamshell that I got from a juicy juice drink box holder that my kids used when they were babies. I bolted it onto the side of my helmet and kept the camcorder in with rubber bands. This worked for 50 or so jumps and the whole 05 season. Last weekend a riser got under the corner of my mount on deployment and I lost the camcorder. It was an expensive jump. I'll replace it with a Sony MiniDV. I'm ready for a little more quality in my movies.
  7. I have a lot of videos that I could send but by the time I encode them to make the small enough to email the quality is pretty bad. I have posted 6 or seven of them on www.youtube.com just search the word 'Maytown' The ones I posted have been encoded so they also suffer from poor quality. The original files from the camcorder are not so bad. Not as good as a mini DV Sony but not too bad.
  8. I just lost my Samsung SCX105L on deployment last weekend (sob). A riser caught the corner of my homemade mount and now its gone forever. I used it for the past summer shooting videos of my wife and kids skydiving. I found the remote camera to be a huge pain in the ass and quickly just mounted the tiny camcorder right on the side of my helmet. Yes the video quality was pretty poor but the size of the unit and the fact that it was so easy to get the videos on my computer made it OK. For shooting home movies and low quality jump videos its great. I could record my jumps and then email them to all my relatives and friends allmost as soon as I got home. Mine is now gone however and I won't get another. I'm ready to take my movies to the next level so I'll get a more mainstream freefall video setup.