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  1. Hi, I am looking for a first camcorder to (mainly) use for skydiving. I recently saw an add for a SAMSUNG SC X105L camcorder. (see picture in annex), whereas the camera itself can stay in your jumpsuit pocket. I furthermore has a shock resistant casing and a memory card (no moving parts memory) Has anyone tried this thing? If so, what are your experiences? Thanks a lot. vaut.
  2. One did tear on the first jump, after not having been used for a while (couple of weeks), the other at the 2nd jump of that day, the 5th of that weekend. Both were competing in a bellyflying 5 man speedstar, on separate jumps. I don't think there is a connection between the incidents. blues, vaut.
  3. They both packed their own canopy themselves, independantly. They both learned how to pack in different DZ's.
  4. They are (were!) both ZP. At least one opening was brutal. We could here a load "bang" on the ground, similar to the sound of e.g. a hunting rifle being shot.
  5. They were both stored packed and had been used within the last couple of weeks.
  6. Hi, We jump at a very small, but quit nice (and safe)dropzone in Belgium (Europe), called PC Hoevenen. Last Sunday we had our annual Speedstar 5 club competition. Approx. 90 jumps were made on Sunday. However, in this one day, two main canopies got ripped to pieces during opening, in two seperate incidents. Both jumpers did OK and landed safe under their reserves. Something like that never happened before. Conditions were all normal (weather, jump altitudes, pull altitudes, etc). Jumpers are both experienced. They pulled under normal conditions (speed, altitude). It was there private equipment, with normal wing loads. One is a Stilleto 135 from 1992 with less than 1000 jumps on it. More surprisingly, the other chute is a Crossfire 150 (?) with only 400 jumps on it (manufactured 2000). The pictures are at http;// and http;// Question: What is your idea about this. Has anybody had similar experiences. 1 out of 45 jumps that day are quite high odds for pure coincidence, no? greetz, Vaut.