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Dropzone Reviews posted by baronn

  1. Our 182 is probably the Nicest 182 in the business. Built 520, new prop, custom , friendly interior and just the best skydive weather anywhere. Mostly Tandems but almost always room for a fun jumper or 2. Our sunset jumps are the most spectacular of anywhere on the planet. If yer in the neighborhood it's worth a stop.

  2. I went out there to work as an instructor and so my reason for being there is different from a fun jumpers perspective. I was told that they had more students than staff to handle them and that there was a desire to build up the business to a higher level. Right now the place is being funded by the DZO. A great guy named Rex who has a lot of energy and gets help from a dedicated staff. They all have full time jobs and hence the weekend only hrs. of operation. The place has fantastic potential but I got the impression that there isn't a lot of desire to increase the student numbers. With the business where it is, it would be difficult for an instructor to make enough to live on for the summer, let alone survive the year. The place has fantastic potential and it's too bad it isn't being operated to it's capacity. I certainly wish them the very best and hope they find a way to keep the place going so it can continue in the future.

  3. This is to Mudman. I owe this person an apology. His description of the events that day are accurate. I especially liked "Juggling Amputees" Good Stuff! I like "3 Monkees fu***ng a football" but hey, it all works.Nonetheless, we were still in the Poop in Group stage and things have improved a bit since that day.When I got my ratings, I vowed never to let someone get ignored like I did when I went thru AFF and I allowed that to occur on that day. I truly regret letting this happen.There is never enough time in a day to get everything done. I usually am up around 6-6:30 in the morning and that is when I like to get the paperwork and stuff done. If not, come out on Fri. nite and will do it after dark. I don't mind staying up as long as necessary and I don't really like to drink. You can stay in my A/C trailer or bring an air mattress and crash in the student rm. Again, A/C. We'll get the particulars out of the way and we can spend our day jumping.Wherever you end up, I hope you stay jumping and stay in the air.