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  1. Our DZ is looking for information on other DZ's that landing on the airport property - especially those whom land very near taxi ways and runways. Please respond back to [email protected] Thanks brothers and sisters - Blue Skies !!!
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    Skydive Taft

    My first jump was tandem the 28th of Dec. 2003. I am currently half way to my A license now. We have visited every other weekend for 2 months strait. Each staff member truely loves the sport. The email almost immediately when you have questions and concerns. There is not one staff member who doesn't give each student or licensed skydiver words of advice, help or assistance. You can bet, that after 1 day up there, you'll be hooked not only on the rush of 0-120mph , but on the comraderee and warmth of this hometown group. A+ to Skydive Taft. CU all next weekend !!!
  3. This is what is so great about this site and the people involved. Comments - advice - good and bad - This was my first posting here, and I have learned VERY much from everyone. * 2 pulls- and then reserve. GOt It ! I hope to meet and fly with all of you one day. Cya ... Thnx again
  4. I actually was under a 190 ( 1-1 ) instead of the normal 288 trainer. Under canopy all went well once out of the twist. I realize the twist was mostly caused by my movement in attempt to release the rip cord. I do listen and do trust my JM's. Control and landing were fine under the 190 and I plan on doing it again. My main point to others in training was keep a cool head, listen to the emergency procedures training , and don't jump if not confident you comprehend what could happen. The JM's are very serious and detailed... I will continue to listen... and follow directions. thx
  5. Thanks All - I appreciate the forthright comments. What is truely amazing is the amount of commraderie and backing I have read in my own and other responses from all who love the sport. Great bunch of people... Blue Skies to all...
  6. Michelle's IS remarkable !!! Way to Go Girl !!!
  7. I apologize... to me this was a first.. The JM's on the ground did tell me that it is fairly common to see this happen. I sure hope it is the only common issue I have...
  8. New to Skydiving ( 3 total Jumps) I had my first small incident. The jump took place at Skydive Taft ( Ca ) last week. The jump w/ 2 instructors was going great up till pulling the rip cord. It took 4 tugs for me to pull to rip cord. My hands could not grip the handle well enough to get it out. By the 4th tug i used more might than i should have, and upon opening, my body seemed to twist causing the lines to be twisted. I was able ,due to the great training, to remain calm and just twist out. I landed safely but sure was proud to have had the instruction I did. My recommendation to all newbees who experience this... check altimeter, know how much time you have, and remain calm. Also, a little slack on the rip cord upon exiting the plane would help in getting a good pull for those handles that are so snug against the pack. Blue Skies all - see you in the air !!!