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  1. LilSal


    Thats so true, the same priciples are there for springboard diving aswell, which i also do. I do remember saying to myself on my last 4 way, 'dont do that again', and thins like that. Next time it will be this is what im going to do.
  2. LilSal


    Levels. Proximity. Grips. Thats seems like a good way to think about it!! Then you have words to say, and you no what order to do the things I might try 3 ways aswell, maybe that WILL help with getting used to there being more people in the sky. Oh well what ever i do, its all fun. I dont REALLY mind people laughing at me when i get to the ground
  3. LilSal


    Yeah ive learnt my lesson about reaching for grips. I found my self in the right spot for the first time, but just a bit high, and not thinking i reached down for the grips. I went right over the top of the others So i wont be doing that again. Next time i will keep eye contact so i can match the fall rate and get in the right spot and then look for the grips!! Im determined to get it right tho, next time i go up ill think more before i do silly things that stuff up the jump. Practice practice practice!!!!
  4. LilSal


    Yeah that makes sense. Do you know how many people have trouble with the 4 ways? I have spoken to some people at my DZ and they all seem to get it pretty much straight away!! On the 2 ways my instructor kept a steady fall rate and i had to match it. I had no problem with that, so i guess if i react quicker when im starting to pop up or sink out, it will help? Should i think about that first? Most of the time im to busy thinking about the grips i need to get to.
  5. Congrats dude, it just keeps getting better from here
  6. LilSal


    Yeah im going to do some more 2ways before i do my 4 ways again!! I was told the same thing by my instructor about the following your head!! That was my problem in the first one, but the second one i did a really good slow fall, But when i finally got my stuff together it was break off time!! I think i will try the relaxing thing, cos that worked for me aswell, in my 2 ways, But 4 ways are so much more stressfull, and it feels like there is so much to think about
  7. LilSal


    Yeah all my 2 way and 4 way have been with an instructor so far. And some of them have been video'd. Im just getting really frustrated with myself because i went through all my 2 way B-rels with no problems, they rocked, and now that i get to the 4 ways i cant do it!! It might be because i dont want to stuff up the jump for everyone else, or i might have been having a bad day!! I dont know, i just wish i could do the 4 ways as well as the 2 ways!! Should there be any difference? I mean beside there being 3 other people instead of one?
  8. LilSal


    Im having trouble with fall rate on my 4-ways, on my first one i ended up being way above everyone else with no hope of getting down, and my next one i kept sinking out (was with different people) I have done 3 of them now and just cant seem to work out the fall rate thing. I havent had a problem when its just me and 1 other person. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with this?
  9. Beer for everyone on Friday!!!
  10. I went to my first Boogie over easter, and it was awsome!!! Finished off the packing for my A licence, and nearly finished my B- Rels. My last jump of the weekend was my first 4 way, i am still pumped!!! I think im might have to go back up this week and do another. Met the best coach ever. That was one of the best weekends of my life!!! Wohoooooooooooo
  11. There are sooo many black markets in China its not funny!!! You will get people coming up to you on the street and selling you stuff!! I brought back like 100 DVD's that i got for $1 And none of them were out at the movies yet!! You going to have the best time!!!
  12. Hey dude, I went to china for 6 months last year!!! It was the best best experience ever!!! I would recommend it to anyone!! I agree that you cant miss the great wall!!! Its awsome!!!! I want to go again!!!!