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  1. I have a pilot 150 that is supposed to be ZPX, but I have reason to suspect I was sent a ZP canopy instead of a ZPX canopy. For those of you who have a Pilot ZPX, does it say ZPX anywhere on the warning label or canopy? Thanks
  2. I know the main reason why I quit before was due to no body wanting to jump the newbie. Honestly its understandable, jumps cost money and if you have 30 jumps you are likely to not do well on a given jump. It seemed like most of the jumps experienced people were doing were 4+ ways and they didn't want a newbie with them. I of course occasionally jumped with other people but mostly I did a lot of solos. After a while, it just wasnt fun and I resented spending 150 dollars for a day of jumping by myself and not learning much. Unless the DZ is very proactive, there is a very big lul in between A licensed and "experienced enough to be invited on 4+ ways". Unless of course you have tits ;] Of course I was offered to pay for coach jumps at 75$ a jump (my ticket, his ticket, plus coach fee). But after spending thousands on gear and thousands on training I didnt feel like dumping more just so someone would jump with me. Maybe I should have gone to a small cessna club type DZ instead. I ended up selling my gear, took a loss on it, and moved on. I've since gotten back into it and have a few strategies to get me past the "super suck" level. If it doesn't work out this time I will stick to BASE. Just my experience with it.
  3. I would just like to say that Sherri and Tim are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are GOOD people. This accident is not indicative of Aerohio's general approach to safety. They are one of the safest dropzones out there. They take care of their planes very well. I learned to jump there, and I also flew there. I've jumped and flown at several other dropzones across the country and I can tell you Aerohio is top notch. Are they partly to blame for this TI's actions? Perhaps, I don't know, but if that is the case, it the fly in an otherwise pristine glass of chardonnay. Calling Sherri a "fuckhead" as you did is despicable. Please think before you type. She is perhaps the nicest person I have ever met. Allen
  4. skipro101


    That is all I love peaches.
  5. Thanks for the reply rhys, I apprecaite it.
  6. So I searched for this and found a lot of topics on pay per jump, but nothing about per year. For those of you who work full time as a skydiver, how much do you make per year, and what is the percentage breakdown for individual jobs (ie, if you make 35K / year, what percentage is tandem, AFF, camera, editing, packing, etc). Just curious....
  7. mine are in my gallery.
  8. very generous, its good to see this type of thing.
  9. thanks, that helped me a lot /..i appreciate it
  10. I just flew Airtran form cleveland to orlando to go fly the tunnel... It was a awesome experiance all around. I got the seat by the emergency exit both times...there is like billion feet of legroom... my only complaint is that they dont serve peanuts!!!!! they serve pretzles... wtf is up with that!
  11. Ok im assuming this is a typo....but do male seahorses get pregnant? That would be a cool factoid!
  12. Just yesterday there was this retarded bird that just wasnt fast enough. He was sitting on the road, and decided it was time to flyaway right as I was passing over it. Usually they get out of the way, but this time I heard a big thwack..
  13. Hehe, I believe I already posted this, perhaps I forgot to. I have a half designed d-box on there...never got around to finishing it so I cant comment on their service. The program is limited, but perhaps thats a good thing since those not familiar with CAD will have an easier time at making their designs.
  14. Really? Cause I preordered mine and have yet to recieve it.