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  1. bliston

    Old guy still competing in RW, er, FS....

    I believe that Scotty Latinis is over 60. I won 10way Speed with him this year.
  2. Over 20 teams registered already... Two weeks until "free tshirt" deadline...
  3. Over 20 teams registered already... Two weeks until "free tshirt" deadline...
  4. bliston

    WindGames 2015 Results

    Correction: first large indoor comp of the year was at SkyVenture New Hampshire earlier this month... 32 4-way FS teams competed in the 10 round meet on January 17.
  5. bliston

    NH 4way FS tunnel Meet - January 19, 2013

    Event Announcement – 5th Annual NH Tunnel Meet! Dates: Saturday, January 19th, 2012 for 4-way FS Cost: $75/person for FS regardless of competition class, $55 for each additional FS event. Includes pizza lunch, waters, meet t-shirt, judging, meet rounds, practice rounds, one DVD for your team (or digital copies of flights) and any free stuff that manufactures send up. Registration information: First come first serve - limit of 12 Rookie teams and 24 Intermediate or Open teams. Register by Thursday, December 20th to receive a t-shirt. We filled up last year so register early - registration will likely fill prior to the deadline. Email nhtunnelmeet”at”gmail”dot”com with the full names of each team member, their email addresses, each person’s t-shirt size, your competition class, and your team name to register. Don’t be a dummy and ask me to save a spot for your unformed team… email me with all the requested information at once – I won’t register a team without it. I will assume that you want man’s cut t-shirts unless you specifically say “women’s cut small/medium/large.” Registration confirmation: Unless you get a confirmation from me saying that you are "all set," don't assume you are registered. I will not save spots or register partial teams. Also please put in the subject line of your email, "team registration for _________ (team name)." If you already sent your team's info, I will plan to process it on Tuesday. Format: Same as last year, 5-round Rookie meet starting at 7am, 10-round afternoon Intermediate, Advanced, and Open meet starting at 11am. Meet Director: Ben Liston (FS meet only) and Chief Judge: Jim Rees (multiple other national judges will be on site this year). Ari will be running the VFS meet again. Email Ari directly at NHtunnelmeetVFS"at"gmail"dot"com for questions about the VFS event. Teammate finder spreadsheet: Enter your info here if you are looking for teammates This document saves all changes, so please be careful not to mess with anyone else's info. New for this year: There may, or may not, be minor changes to the draw for Advanced and Open classes. There will also be on site NSL coverage for the meet. We expect additional industry sponsors, as well. Sandbagger prevention - Any Intermediate teams that includes two or more members who won the Intermediate class last year at the tunnel meet, have won an Intermediate gold medal at US Nationals, or any medal in the Advanced or Open class at US Nationals should register as a “guest team” if they want to compete in Intermediate. That means that they can compete, be scored, and will be recognized, but will not eligible for medals. Advanced class team teams should not have more than one USPA Open Class competitor in the line-up (or register as a guest if they do). With these guidelines in mind, teams select their own class. Class Information: Rookie draw is 3 randoms per round. Intermediate Draw is 4-5 points, all randoms plus blocks 7 and 9. Advanced draw is 4-5 points plus blocks 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, and 15. Open draw has 5-6 points and will include all randoms plus blocks 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, and 22. Player/Coaches: The “player/coaches” for the 2-on-2 Rookie class will be drawn on site the night before the competition – there will be no pre-formed full 4-way teams or requests for this class. Let me know if you’d like to volunteer as a player/coach – don’t just assume that you are one. Typically, player coaches should have scored a 12.0 average or higher at US Nationals. Communication: Only email me the nhtunnelmeet address, as opposed to my personal account, for meet questions and registration. I have a regular job that keeps me busy, but I typically respond to questions and confirm registrations within one week. That said, I will be out from October 25th to November 4th for Nationals and have a kid on the way (due in mid-December); thanks in advance for your patience around this events. Please include your phone number if you email questions so that I can have the option of calling you with my response. This will be the only email you receive from me if you don't register. Registered folks will get one more large email with logistic info, official rules, etc., and probably a final reminder email just before the meet. Ben ______________________________________________________ Read this info if you didn’t compete last year: The 5th annual NH Tunnel Meet is on! 4-way Formation skydiving tunnel competition will happen on Saturday January 19th, 2012! Same deal as in past years, there will not be any cash purses, but prizes will include tunnel time and donated prizes from manufacturers. There will also be a 2-way VFS meet on Sunday January 20th. VFS meet director Ari Perelman will send out more details about the VFS soon. Registration prices (for the Saturday FS events) will be $75 per competitor regardless of her/his competition class. Price includes a pizza lunch, bottled water, a DVD (or digital copy) of each team’s competition rounds, your meet flights, two-minutes of official warm-up time, and if you register before the December 20th deadline, a free t-shirt for each team member. The four competition classes are Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced and Open. The Rookie class will be a 5 round morning meet, and the Intermediate, Advanced, and Open class flyers will compete in the afternoon over 10 rounds. For the Rookie meet, two competitors will be paired with two veteran 4-way folks who will serve as “player/coaches” (at no additional charge!). Rookie competitors start at 7:00am and should sign up with as a pair and provide me with a team name and t-shirt sizes. Payer/coach pairings will be drawn on site and the awards should be done by 11:30am. The Rookie class is designed to give folks that are new to 4-way a chance to get involved – no sandbaggers please! Folks interested in being player/coaches should contact me. Your fee covers the same stuff as the other classes, but your meet is five rounds. You get half the rounds because you have only two paying members to cover the cost of the flight time. Intermediate/Advanced/Open teams should arrive no later than 11:00AM. The competition rounds will be completed by 7:00PM, and the awards ceremony will either happen as soon as the judges finish (at about 7:30PM). The meet will be modeled in NSL fashion for the four divisions of 4-way. The Open class will have 5 to 6 points per round and use a modified dive pool for the meet (all random formation plus blocks 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, and 22), the Advanced Class will have 4 to 5 points, all randoms, plus blocks 6, 7, 9, 11, 14 and 15, the Intermediate class rounds will have 4 to 5 points per round and consist of random formations and a blocks 7 and 9, and the Rookie class will have 3 points per round and consist of only random formations. The maximum number of Intermediate and Open class teams (combined) will be 24 and the maximum number of Rookie class teams will be 12 – teams will be registered on a “first come first serve” basis. To reserve a spot for your team, all you need to do is email Ben at NHtunnelmeet”at”gmail”dot”com with the team name, the competition class you will be competing in, the full names of all four team members, each team members email address, and each team members t-shirt size. No partial registrations will be honored or spaces saved, you have to email all the above information to register. -- Ben Liston Meet Director New Hampshire Tunnel Meet
  6. Whoops - that should read "Saturday December 11th for FS and Sunday December 12th for VFS" Sorry, Ben
  7. Whoops - that should read "Saturday December 11th for FS and Sunday December 12th for VFS" Sorry, Ben
  8. e've got 23 registered teams so far for the 4-way FS competition (with two or three of those looking for a fourth teammate). We have also expanded the Rookie class to a 12 team limit that we are almost full in that category. Please understand that we have to register teams on a first come first serve basis. I hope we will be able to expand the limits to accommodate everyone, but we may hit capacity for the meet. Contact as soon as you can if you are getting a team together! Ben
  9. Members of Mass Defiance / Dallas Rogue are working with SkyVenture NH to put together this year's meet. Once again, we putting it together with volunteers to keep the price down for competitors. The meet details are shaping up nicely and I think folks are going to be happy with the improvements and changes from last year. Below is some information and the official announcement with will all the specifics will go out in the new few days. 1. There will be a rookie class event that runs in the morning. This will be a 5 round meet, fee is just $60 for each of the two rookie class competitors and they will get two player coaches (free of charge) to fly with them, help prep the jumps, and keep things safe. Folks can sign up as individuals, but it'll be best if they sign up with me as a pair and with a team name. We're working on reduced fees for rookie competitors who also want to fly in the afternoon intermediate division as well (likely $45 additional). Draw will likely be a bit easier than the intermediate draw - fewer points per round and all randoms. Start time for this event is still in the works, likely around 8:30AM and it should finish by 11:30AM or noon. This class is designed for newer competitors who have limited or no 4-way tunnel experience. No sandbaggers! If you have a Rookie class team that your are organizing with a teammate, let me know the names of the full line-up. The player coaches I'll be assigning to teams will all be folks who have won medals at the national level. If you are interested in volunteering as a player coach, let me know. 2. Fee of just $60 per person for the 10 round Intermediate and Open classes covers the registration, pizza lunch, H20, warm up time, flight time, and a DVD for each team. Intermediate and open teams should plan to be at the tunnel by about 11:00AM and will finish by 8:30PM. Classes will be the same as last year with very similar, if not identical dive pools. All randoms for both classes, blocks 7, 9, and 14 for Intermediate, and blocks 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15, and 17 for the Open class. Working time of 35 seconds for Rookie and Intermediate will start when the first grip of a star is broken, open team's time will start when they launch from a standing position on the net. 3. I'll be contacting manufactures that supported the event last year this week and hopefully we'll get some new ones on board, too. If you have contacts with manufactures or sponsors you think would like to support the event, please have them email me. 4. There will be a 2-way freefly/VFS meet that will be held on Sunday, Dec. 6th. More details to follow. Ari Perelman will be running the Sunday stuff. 5. Discounted lodging at the Nashua Radisson is available - please contact Laurie at the tunnel (888)SKY-VENTURE for details. rates are around $52 plus tax and there's a pool, gym, free Internet etc. To get that price, all reservations need to go through Laurie - she'll need a credit card, the number of beds and number of rooms, and then will call you back with a confirmation number. 6. Free meet t-shirts for everyone that registers with me (payment goes directly to the tunnel on meet day) by the registration deadline of November 20th. 7. The tunnel will again offer discounted tunnel time during the week prior to the event for registered teams. I'll send out info about booking procedure, exact rates, and the dates as soon as it's finalized. 8. There will likely be New England media covering the event, so come looking sharp! Registration will likely be limited to 15 teams for the afternoon event (intermediate and open classes) and 9 teams for the rookie class event. We might be able to extend it to 18 teams, but no promises on that. Registration will happen on a first come first serve basis starting right now. No payment necessary before meet day, just your word that your team will be coming. To register, email me your team name, the class you'll be competing in, the full names of all team members, email addresses for all team members, and shirt sizes for all team members. I don't want to even come up with a cancellation policy. Just register when you are sure can make it and show up to make life easy for me. Lastly - I'm looking for rated judges to help out. Please contact anyone you know with an FS rating (regional or national) and try to get them to help out. Have judges contact me directly to confirm their slot. As with last year, I'm volunteering my time, as is Ari for the freefly stuff. Judges will get fed and get a free t-shirt, but I'm really hoping to get folks to volunteer their time so we can keep the costs down. The email to use for all FS meet questions and registration is nhtunnelmeet"at"gmail"dot"com. Blues, Ben
  10. bliston

    Free* instructional FS tunnel DVD

    I have six copies of the DVD that aren't spoken for. No promises for a second batch. First come first serve... Ben
  11. bliston

    Free Coaching at Skydive Dallas

    We'll also be jumping on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri (maybe Wed, too if other days get weathered out). So anyone that would like to do some weekday jumping, come on out, the plane will be flying. ben
  12. bliston

    Sewing machine

    I've used a Sailrite LSZ-1 for years. It's been awesome... It's industrial strength, has a walking foot, it's portable, powerful and does very clean work. It's also designed to be used with 69 and larger threads. I think their website is I still use an old singer strait stitch for canopy work because the strait stitch is a little bit cleaner, but for everything else (including linesets, since I don't have a bartack machine) I use the Sailrite. Ben
  13. bliston

    4-way FS meet at SVNH - Dec. 13

    Eleven full teams are registered so far, with one other looking for a 4th. There will be teams from New York, New Jersey, Conn., Mass., and Maine attending the event, as well as a couple folks from Florida. Spectators are more than welcome to come out and see the action. If you are a team or individual interested in participating, please remember that the Dec. 5th deadline is coming up. Thanks, Ben
  14. bliston

    Tunnel Competition (4-way) at SVNH Dec. 13

    It looks we may have more teams interested in participating than I originally anticipated. If you are in the process of getting a team together or have your line-up sorted out - please contact me ASAP. I want everyone who'd like to participate be able to, but I may have to cap it at 14 teams because of tunnel time availability. If it comes down to it, teams will be registered on a first come first serve basis. Email with the team members, your team name, and the division you'll like to register for. Thanks, Ben
  15. I'm organizing the event with SkyVenture New Hampshire, and will post the more specific details within the next day or two. It's a 4-way FS event with "intermediate" (randoms and solo flying blocks only) and "open" (randoms and about 8 blocks) divisions. Registration is $140 per team (just $35/person) and includes 10 rounds and 2 minutes of warm up time. The meet briefing will begin at 1PM on Dec. 13th and awards will be done by 9PM. There won't be any cash purses - just a low cost, good times, and whatever donations come our way from industry manufactures. Thanks, Ben