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Gear Reviews posted by KrisFlyZ

  1. I probably am not adding anything new to the reviews here, but I am obliged to give the suit a 5 out of 5 and the customer service a 5 out of 5.

    My S3's arm wing tore after two jumps(we never figured out if it was a manufacturing defect of if I snagged it jumping out of the cessna 182 on a weekday). Birdman Inc fixed the problem at their expense and even shipped the suit back overnight(at their expense).

  2. Pros

    The suit is built of tough material(made by salomon), much tougher than ZP. The build quality is superb.

    Ease of use:

    Hook up is a breeze, four zippers and the suit is on the rig. Getting into the suit is hard because of the single zipper in the front. Using a chair or couch to wear the suit and rig makes things easier.


    I have only been able to put 7 jumps on this suit since I received it(Nov 2004). The suit is very stable and comfortable to fly. The arm position also makes it less tiring to fly when compared to my SF3 or GTI. The suit is atleast as good as the GTI, I make this statement from seat of the pants feel rather than actual numbers from a logging device. As I get that information, I will update this review.

  3. This altimeter is a wonderful product with a wealth of features. It has Ground, Aircraft, Freefall and Canopy modes and it switches automatically between the different modes. It is a freefall computer and an audible altimeter as well. However you can only use it as an audible or visual altimeter. The freefall computer/logbook features are nice. The software to download the data is in development but updates to the firmware are available and a cool feature IMO. The log book logs exit altitude, canopy deployment altitude, vertical speed at 12K, 9K, 6K and 3K feet and freefall time.

    The downside is that the buttons can stop working after a while. My altimeter is fine but one of the guys that jumps at my DZ has an older neptune and I could'nt update the firmware on it because to enter bootlogger mode you need to press and hold both scroll buttons for 10 secs or more.