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  1. Thanks for all the kind messages. The car was locked, windows up, under my carport in a very quiet part of Palm Springs. The cop even said, "I had to look up directions to your place, because this is such a nice neighborhood, we never come over here!" Super. That just means the thieves felt safe while they were stealing my car. The cop asked if I had been to an oil change place or had my car valet parked recently -- both of which I had done just a few days prior to the theft. He said a lot of thieves work in such places -- they make a copy of the car key and get your address from something in the car. (Or, in the case of the oil change place, they already had my address on file.) I did get up in the air this weekend, though. As my friend Lew pointed out, if I didn't skydive, the thieves would have won. I borrowed enough stuff to make do, but soon I'll have to start buying new stuff.
  2. The jumpsuit and helmet look like this:
  3. My car was stolen from my home in Palm Springs, Ca. last night. Fortunately, my rig was not in the car, but a lot of other stuff was. I already put some of my things in the stolen listings (my Pro-Dytter, my Neptune, my Alti III), but I couldn't figure out how to list my other things. If you happen to see these items on eBay or elsewhere, they are mine: White Aviator helmet (size medium). Dytter and Neptune were inside the helmet. There's a Hello Kitty sticker on one side, two small cat stickers on the back and one sticker on the back that says "sexy." (Though these would be easy to remove.) Tony Space Suit -- black with cloud print down the arms and legs. Goggles. USPA license, etc. all in a gear bag. Also, my new Canon Digital Rebel XT was in the car, inside a red and black camera bag. None of this stuff is covered by my car insurance, and I don't have a homeowner's policy. I was also too dumb to write down the serial numbers -- I kept thinking that I would do it later. If you could help me recover any of these things, I would be forever grateful. I'm so angry and feel so violated. Somebody had the nerve to steal my 1994 white Honda Civic from my DRIVEWAY while I was sleeping. Thanks. I can be reached at [email protected] The number of the detective at the Palm Springs Police Department is (760) 778-8411.
  4. I don't think it was inaccurate, because he spoke to so many people who described it in great detail -- including quite a few folks who saw the video. I'm not a videographer. But I have seen many tandem videos that show the bag coming out of the container -- which would have been shot above the pair. But that's something that has already been discussed at great length in the incidents forum.
  5. My co-worker wrote a really, truly fabulous column about skydiving, a recent incident and the memorial jump, Honestly -- it's the best thing I've ever seen from a non-jumper. Actually, it could be the best thing I've read about skydiving at all. (Full disclosure: I'm not just saying this because my boyfriend, Jason, is a part of the story. It's just that good.)
  6. Serious question here. I've started going through the process to adopt a child in China. But I'm worried about revealing to the adoption agency that I'm a skydiver during my interviews and home study. I worry they will find skydiving to be too risky and too extreme and that they will reject me on that fact alone. The thing is, I don't want to be dishonest with them. Skydiving is such a huge part of me and has caused such a beautiful, wonderful chain of events in my life, I don't know how I could hide it. Has anyone else been through the adoption process -- either domestic or international? Did you disclose your skydiving habit? What was the reaction? Any opinions on this would be very much appreciated. I'm truly losing sleep over this. I want a child, but I also want to continue doing what I love.
  7. Sweet Mel! We share the same birthday! Hope yours was beautiful and full of sunshine, cupcakes and skydives, just like mine. Smooch smooch -- and have a great year, Maggie (PMS #125)
  8. I should have expected it out of a place that frowns upon women wearing pants.
  9. I rode one at the Greenbrier spa in West Virginia when it was first introduced. I tried to get a few other people (also on Segways) to play chicken with me, but the spa people freaked out and put a stop to that.
  10. My boyfriend and I had to steal a plane to fly around and look at the skyline to find the building y'all were talking about. But now that we have found it, we're experimenting with very low pulls!! Too. Much. Fun.
  11. INTERPOL!!!!
  12. Some of our local absentee ballots didn't have Kerry's name on them. The ballots were recalled, of course. But it took an insane amount of time for Ohio to figure this out.