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  1. Wow Gary you jumping a twin beech!!
  2. I'm sorta out of the loop down here in Mexico, but I sit here teary-eyed at this news, the young die young, certainly true in this case. So long ole buddy. Dave Verner
  3. Sorry man I thought you were in San Carlos Mexico for some reason, man I am losing it!!
  4. Bruce I ran a drop zone for 34 years, Archway in Illinois. My son Kirk was a world champion in 4 way on the team Arizona Airspeed which he helped form. Yesterday my grandson won the indoor World Championship in Singapore, his name is Alex Verner. Plus that event paid him $5000 for 1st place. He is only 18 but following in his dad's foot steps. Kirk was a world champ for about 12 years in 4 way rw. Kirk now manages the wind tunnel in Raeford NC Paraclete XP. We should get together sometime and compare stories. I have 5541 jumps but retired from skydiving in 1999 when I sold the dz. Blue Skies Dave Verner Congrats on your A License.
  5. So sorry to hear this, I will miss seeing Gene Paul the next time I am thru Raeford, my compassion to the entire family, so sorry Tony! Dave Verner D-968
  6. So Sad, I don't know what to say. Dave Verner D-968
  7. oops Chuck that was meant for rcp1117 Dave Verner
  8. RPC1117 I'm pretty sure I am Kirk Verner's Dad Dave Verner D-968
  9. So sorry to hear this news, Dori, Di, Kirk and I send our heart-felt condolences to you and your two sons. I think Lowell was the straightest-shooting guy we know, he always was very nice to our whole family, and he will be missed. I am so glad I got to see him at the tunnel in NC not long ago. If there is anything we can do don't hesitate to give us a call. Dave Verner
  10. I have known Bill for a loonnggg time, and he will be missed by many. I'll say one thing tho, while he was here he lived life to the fullest...so long friend blue skies.
  11. Sorry to hear this, of course I am sadden by this news. It sorta hits home when guys younger than you are pass away. Dave Verner D-968
  12. I have seen the DZ several times on the TV news about the hurricane and it looks like a bomb went off in the hangar, do you know what they need or do you have a contact number there yet?