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  1. My first canopy was Pilot 188 ZPX, loaded 1.2. I never suffered any issues with the flare, I had good landings and (almost) always standing. So far I have flown couple of smaller ZP canopies and I don't see any major difference. Considering that there are many other characteristics affecting the flare, like wing loading, trim, brakes, air speed... Packing a brand new canopy was also surprisingly easy! As a newbie skydiver I learned to pack it during like 10 jumps. And the container fit was tight! I have had lot more trouble with regular ZP canopies with 200+ jumps.
  2. Sorry, I have never heard of them.
  3. This is an old topic, but I'll give my two cents if anyone happens to read this. Skyer is and has been my first and only digital altimeter. Well, actually this one I have is the third Skyer, as the first and second one just stopped working suddenly. This third one has had some starting issues if the battery has run out, but so far I have managed to get it working. Otherwise I've been happy with large and four-digit display (I prefer metric system). I don't need any fancy logging features. My audible is made by L&B and these two have slightly different opinion on the height. In free fall it doesn't really matter as the difference is 20-40 meters. When I swoop I always follow the audible.
  4. Lol, just read my own post after a while again and realized a terrible typo here. What I meant to write was "I would not buy Kiss". Sry.
  5. I started skydiving about three years ago. At first I bought open face helmet since it was cheaper, but quite soon I also bought Kiss. I do not have experience of other full-face helmets. Kiss fits my head very well. I like the design, it's light and I like the exposed audible pockets. After wearing Kiss for a while, though, I learned few down sides. The vizor mechanism is not very good or strong. First time wearing the helmet the vizor was not locked properly and it was torn of by wind while I was spotting. Later I learned that this is known feature with Kiss. Nowadays when I go to wind tunnel the instructors always test my vizor mechanism. I've learned to live this one, though, and it has always stayed closed during freefall. Sometimes I also accidentally close the vizor during landing (especially swooping). It is not very pleasant surprise. It is quite hard to mount a camera to Kiss. I guess it is hard with all full-face helmets, but I think that the shape of the helmet and the vizor makes it more difficult compared to Cookie G*, for example. Chin mounts work, but those have their own issues. Finally, if you want to protect your head you could as well wear a plastic bucket. I suffered quite a bad injury recently, and God I was happy to wear my Cookie M3 instead of Kiss. I hit my head hard and I think that the extra layer of impact-absorbing material saved from a real brain injury. So, if I had to buy a new helmet, being more experienced (still not really experienced) skydiver I would by Kiss. I think I'm going to by some helmet to replace the M3 that took a hit, but Kiss can stay in tunnel use.