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  1. Hey zeorpinskier... Thank you for the info! Much appreciated! BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  2. I just want say thanks to everyone for everone's help! I now have options that would have been really hard to find without your help. Thanks! BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  3. Yeah, it's my right knee... Thanks for the help! BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  4. Hey all… Just looking to touch base with anyone who has dealt with the University of Utah – University Orthopaedic Center. I injured my right knee on a hard landing a couple years ago, which I have been trying to get treatment options for from the University of Utah. I have been working with two of their doctors for over a year (I requested to see a second doctor because of a very poor assessment from the first doctor). Over all my whole experience with working with the University of Utah – University Orthopaedic Center has been a really poor experience, from the doctors initially doing a very poor assessment to them just being completely disorganized every time I show up for an appointment (they are greatly over booked, causing me to have to wait very long periods of time to see the doctor or they simply cannot find my appointments and they tell me that I can wait hours or come back another time). Jut to put things into perspective, I have worked with them for over a year now and I still don’t have a full diagnosis or treatment plan from them, even though we have done X-Rays and an MRI. I got my MRI today, but they couldn’t find my follow up appointment so they told me to come back for results (I drive over an hour to that location so I very specifically requested that the follow up appointment happen on the same day as my MRI, which they told me was no problem and is how they normally do things…). Anyway, I am posting this post for two reasons… The first, I would like to know if anyone has had any success with the University of Utah – University Orthopaedic Center (i.e. Good experiences with them that would prompt me to just overlook my experiences with them so far..). If not, does anyone know of any good Orthopedic Centers or Orthopedic doctors in the Utah area that you recommend? Thanks ahead of time for any feedback that anyone may have on good Orthopedic Centers or Orthopedic doctors in the Utah area… BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  5. Just a question, since the site has changed... How do you view another user's/friend's Photo Gallery? We can't figure it out... Thanks, Michael BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  6. SBCmac

    Perris CA

    Thanks to all that PM'd me... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  7. SBCmac

    Perris CA

    I'm going to be in Perris soon and was wondering if anyone knows and good objects near by. Please PM me if you want to share any near by objects. Thanks... Michael BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  8. I like it ... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  9. Thanks Tom... Attached is the pic of the poster... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  10. Thanks Tom... So why are you spoofing my account... Is this by accident? Edited to say... Okay... I get it... I apologize for naming the location... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  11. Yes, it is. The poster you are thinking of is an Ikea print. I bought two at the Ikea in Vancouver. ~TA BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  12. Where is the Mushroom located? A friend gave me an awesome poster of a BASE jumper jumping it, that he found a a garage sale, and I have always wondered where it was located. I know we're not supposed to name objects and all but I figured this was more than likely a legal site... Thanks... Edited to say... Tom, is it okay for me to take a picture of this poster and post it on this forum? It's a pretty awesome poster... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)
  13. If it is true that they had a camera person at exit, on a building, they deserve to be in jail... Granted I know that the press is normally wrong... So I'm hoping that I read it wrong. After graduating from FJC, people like this should attend "High Profile 101 - The Do's and Don'ts"... BATMAN - (A.K.A. SBCmac ...)