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  1. Here is the said video by the way. I'm sure now the mods can't say I am just posting videos instead of using txt. Remember, most of all of the Trump Promises, end up as law, unless specifically inhibited by those that do not wish the cede power. None of the promises you get from the establishment, are ever fulfilled. None. So you decide whom you will trust. It isn't as though you have not had the opportunity to stand on the correct side of history, you merely decide to walk to the showers together. I'm also cool with that, (personal attack removed)?
  2. Why would you need to pay black market prices to criminals, in order to get stoned on a plant that grows perfectly well by itself? That is big Pharma pumping synthetic cannabinoids into the product to make you go weird. They did all the experimentation here in New Zealand, selling it over the counter to kids, making them commit suicide at even higher rates than they already were. Ever notice how all the places that legalise weed, make it so the consumer is not allowed to participate in the business at an ownership level, and they keep a plant that should be a cheap as broccoli, only 1/5th of the price of gold? Again, that's why the executions. I'd be laying off the corporate weed if I were you. Start paying attention. That bit in WW2 Germany, where all the Germans were tricked into liking Hitler as a saviour... That's you now
  3. Where is Zelenski? Why is Putin touring Mariupol and other destroyed cities a car, and the infrastructure there already being rebuilt? You lost. the gay hooker lost, his body double has been seen more than him. You will never admit you were supporting neo fascists and democide, because that is just how human innate reflexes work. He may not be dead, he may not be captured, but he also may be. You don't know. neither do I, time will indeed tell. Its over either way. Xi is visiting Russia, and (removed personal attack) have make a joke out of your own country. You do know that if it were the case that something happened to him that did not fit their pre determined narrative, they would never admit it. Like you, due to hubris. Instead hundreds of thousands of people need to die first instead, cities leveled and a country ruined anlong with the world economy... those hundreds of billions of dollars you all spent on a lap dancer when you were wasted... could have gone a long way in the family account right now. All because a gay hooker had backing from eugenicists. That's why we now have to resort to executions. Because unhinged losers will never admit fault. It is easier to fool a man, than convince him he has been fooled.
  4. Hunter's parmesan cheese collection.
  5. What demoralisation process? The same one that lead you feminists to overtly support the abuse of women, by allowing men to ruin women's sport, by pretending the malevolent men abusing these elite women, are women themselves. even if they have a long history of competing in the men's category in the same event. Even in wrestling with broken skulls and the likes of weight lifting. it is a complete failure of all moral decorum. That same demoralisation process, I could deliver other examples if needed? Do I need to start explaining how they are demoralising the children with sexual content? or will you ban me for citing pedophilia?
  6. Trump is very vocal about executing human traffickers and deadly drug dealers. He is clearly not talking about cannabis producers, but It would probably be a good time for those unlawful cannabis producers to start thinking about the magnitude of the situation. I am a fan of cannabis legalisation, however my desire for that, does not supersede my desire to see the death and destruction from this overt demoralisation process being ended. It is interesting, just to observe, that though Trump is the one discussing capital punishment, and everyone else is freaking out about it... that he is now being threatened with and probably actually going to be arrested in a desperate attempt to get in front of the narrative by the dodgy judicial system.. The Biden Crime syndicate is going down, obviously this is a projection of that. My guess is we will not have to wait unto 2024, to see a new President. Not saying that will be Trump, but Biden is clearly not going to last that long. what a time to be alive. I did make a nice one minute video on the subject for short attention spans and instant gratification minds... but the mods don't like people articulating themselves using media... it is too difficult to dismantle.
  7. Quite the contrary. It is a method, it matters not what credentials or clout one has, the moment one casts aside a known quantity in order to maintain a predetermined supposition, they fail to be a scientists any longer. No exceptions. This includes the likes of Felchi and any such other con, that is clearly lying only to themselves.
  8. There were two incident's in Australia where the units fired due to faulty sensors. The sensor company had contacted all companies using the units. Argus and Vigil used the same sensors. Argus and Vigil recalled their affected units. Cypress waited for a tandem pair to almost die on Mission Beach and the APF covered it up, no incident report. covered it up also. The thread is still there somewhere. I looked a couple of years ago. was around 2008.
  9. Imagine pretending that you 4.5 friends form a consensus? Talked to an embalmer lately?
  10. Are you really that naïve? Good luck with that. remember the scientific method? How about the excess mortality.
  11. Swastikas have been a peaceful symbol in many religions, including Christianity for millennia. People killing their own people, over the genetics...using a culmination of private and government sectors to carry it out. That is fascism, not a cartoon frog.
  12. How can a frog be Nazi? It never ceases to amaze me that the same people that think a cartoon frog, designed to trigger emotional wrecks is projecting fascism... And Azov battalion isn't? I could insert a Link to a video I made showing you exactly how badly you have failed yourself in the Nazi department... But still you will pretend to hold a moral authority and that I was just making it up. So why should anyone take your ad hominem seriously? You could just observe, and allow decent conversation? I can, and do do better in the ad hominem department. But due to my principles on mutual respect, I allow three passes before engaging, this allows me to maintain the moral authority and unleash to those that deserve to hear it. If only the ;moderators could understand such an idea.
  13. More obtuse denial? Mike Lyndell still has $5m sitting there for you to claim, if you can support your claims. Trump broke Dominion, Benched Killary, and only had to transcend office without stepping a foot out of line. Easier said than done. More like an Indiana jones movie, but he managed to do it... and make the economy boom, against all odds. They tried to get him with warpspeed, and all sorts of shenanigans but only got, got themselves and made him more popular.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is for some to work outside of a particular paradigm. As if Bitchute is the dodgy one.. LOL All links are in the description box, check the dates. all my stuff is short format. I'd plug Youtube, if it didn't stay on 22 views... Bitchute is an actual platform for any content with actual statistics... where Yotube is really just a whore house for acquiescent pussies..