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  1. But those countries don't hold the key to Arab oil, and Turkey does. remember when Turkey was pinching Syria's oil, while all you people were blaming Assad for the CIA false flag chemical attacks using chlorine gas, the day the weapons inspectors that he invited arrived? A full gaslighting exercise, not unlike the time Ukraine were shelling the Donbass, when the investigation team went to body count the MH17 crash site.? That trial is on in the Hague at present BTW, maybe you should all be blaming Putin for shooting down a civilian airliner, by proxy...? Because billions of dollars and about 5 years were invested in ensuring everyone knew damned well that was the situation, until about February this year... then it became the elephant in the room.. wonder why? The Hunter becomes the hunted... Welcome to The Machine! (
  2. Because Turkey is the tap to Arab oil for Europe, while Ukraine is European tap to Russian Oil. the whole 9/11 response and subsequent eugenics slaughter house, was only ever about supplying energy to Europe without using boats... That simple. You people are a bit slow on the program no?
  3. it means nothing to you, because you are so focused on character assassination, that you forgot to even google the term. It refers to a specific experiment that discovered an innate telepathic trait in mammals. But you are probably an nihilistic atheist that replaces the spiritual void with a god complex. Try actually knowing what you are talking about next..
  4. Not a 4 stage Protocol, but the 4 stage Protocol. If you don't have any knowledge of what you oppose, you should probably avoid making conclusions about it.
  5. I'd be interested to hear you articulate your connection. The Hundredth Monkey eludes to a critical mass of a certain action. Your projection eludes to your being somewhat nihilist, would that be a correct assumption?
  6. Is it normal for moderators here to engage in political conversation, then give warnings for ad hominem after specifically engaging in such themselves? These sort of people kill forums, the internet is the land of opportunity, best not blow a good opportunity. I'd be reigning that in.
  7. Ukraine is proper fucked, they are dependent only on war crimes being carried out in a full gaslighting, desperate racketeering operation, exemplifying how screwed and compromised all these unhinged kid fuckers are. 'Woodchippers' is the buzzword BTW, for those in the culty echo chamber.
  8. While Zelensky outlaws opposition parties, he pays his dues down in the Azovstal Steel Mill nuclear bunker/dungeon... (80) WEAPONIZED AIDS - ZELENSKY IN HIGH HEELS - YouTube
  9. You Probably want to review the Pfizer data that came out last month, the stuff they wanted to hide for 70 years. Much like the MH-17 trial going on in the Hague, it is the stuff we don't talk about that is happening and applicable, that should probably be talked about the most. I am not here to debate, I only have to convince myself. You may have the very information I need to inhibiting me from running headlong into a brick wall... and if you had it, you would tell me... I'm just throwing in my ten cents worth. Hey, maybe I'm wrong and all that happened was me being a bit paranoid, but if you are mistaken, well.... the consequences are not quite as benign. I'd be prepared to quantify what it is that you suggest you oppose, before you allow you innate projections to lead you down a dark path. Though deadly, these clots shots can easily be mitigated... one just has to allow themselves the capacity to get over themselves first. Apples. onions, tea (quercetin), seafood (iodine, zinc, vitamin D), meat, milk/cheese/butter (zinc), Fruit (vitamin c) and sun (vitamin D), and pine needle tea. If you eat these things, you are adhering to the 4 stage protocol. zinc, vitamin C, Vitamin D and Quercetin. Quercetin uses the same mechanism as Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, it simply delivers the zinc to your cells. Something the soy boy fashion victims wont be getting too much of. Coincidence? I think not.
  10. I can spot purported benevolence ( a cult) from a mile away. One that has integrity, will never be manipulated by ad hominem or ostracism. While the meek or contaminated will project or transfer their weaknesses, in the form of such, often unwittingly. This make it clear that they are completely uninterested in rational discussion. Shooting the messenger is a fools game. If I'm wrong, I want to know about it, regardless of how much of a dickhead the messenger may be. Mud slinging can certainly be fun, but it still achieves nothing.
  11. No, I am not required to converse with anyone in a swimming pool, but when they take a shit in it... I can call them out for being a degenerate, and I actually enjoy doing so at times. so kill me.
  12. Nah, humans are pathological. One has to want to understand a topic, in order to make it worthy of explaining it to them. discerning if that is the case, takes priority. That does not restrict my ability to merely tell people how stupid they are as an outlet, or vice versa. I don't actually care what others think of me, as that is none of my business so inconsequential. I am more than capable of rational and reasonable conversation with those that engage in mutual respect, and I can 'ad hominem' the shit out of the losers that project their weaknesses as insults. as I grew up as a punk in the 90's.; In the end I want to find if and how I am incorrect, more than those that want to simply tell me I am. I am what I refer to as a true agnostic. Hearing weak projections becomes a full time job for honest people.
  13. You have VAIDS, not AIDs. Kinda the same, but not really. No need for the discussion. wait until the antibody dependent enhancement kicks in... A 40% increase in excess mortality, is something that should raise your eyebrow, and that is just the beginning unfortunately. A 5% increase would be alarming. I'd say enjoy your last few years.