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  1. I emailed Skyventure and they confirmed that it will be a "12 foot new model tunnel, full re-circulating single floor tunnel, full AC air flow... We hope to open early 2016"
  2. "Los Cuatro Diablos" airfield in Chiñihue, Chile, better known as Skydive Andes is one awesome DZ. The people are very friendly and accommodating. It has a beautiful grass strip runway with no other traffic around. Close to Santiago and the beaches it provides for some amazing sunset jumps, with the sun setting on the Pacific and the Andean Mountain ranges seemingly lit on fire towards the east. They've got plenty of gear to rent if need be. Their jump ship has got one of the coolest paint jobs around too... If you are ever in Chile you've got to hit these guys up! They've got a great thing going down there.
  3. My wife just let me know that she was going to have a Skydiving Magazine subscription waiting for me for when I got back from the Sand Box, Iraq (next month or so). She decided to "ruin the surprise" because she hadn't heard anything from them... well I guess now I know why. It was an awesome publication I can only hope that it comes back. Semper Fi.
  4. Yeah, I've put in for the container. I think it's my best bet at the moment. I sure appreciate everyone's input so far. Please continue to add on if anyone else has anything to say pro or con to the container. I can use any and all info I can "get my hands on". Once I do get the container in (which seems like it won't be for another few weeks, due to shipping and the fact that the seller just recently went on vacation) I'll let evryone know how the whole situation pans-out. Blue Skies everyone! Christian
  5. I'm a 6'0 male medium build and weigh between 175-180 lbs.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the input so far. The container is a 98' Reflex and is going for $300. It seems to be in good shape, but since I'd be purchasing it over the internet, it is hard to tell. I was at my local DZ today and got a few good reviews about the container but nothing really negative other than the "grommet" issue. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I understand it, the rigger can take care of it and modify it accordingly. Correct? I'm trying to put a rig together under $1000. Does anyone recommend another "site" that has extensive classifieds such as this one? Basically I'm looking for a container, chute 190, & square reserve. Blue Skies! Christian
  7. I'm looking to purchase a used Reflex container with about 600 jumps on it. Any feedback on this type of container system? I've got +40 jumps and looking to put my first Rig together at a resonable price. Also, If I feel relatively comfortable flying a 220 sized parachute how easy/hard should it be for me to transition to a 190? Thanks & Blue Skies! Christian