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  1. I used to skydive in Stormville in the early '80s. I was known as Frenchie, then. The runway is still there, but all aviation activity stopped over 30 years ago. The skydiving loft is also long gone. Nate "Willie" Smith died before 1992. I go there about once a year 'I live less than 30 minutes away), for old times sake. There has been plenty of urban sprawl all around, and driving on the road past the Green Haven CF will shock old--timers. Jump pilot "Dave" Parent died a few years ago (he appeared in the news about 3 years ago, when someone purchased his storage locker after he died ( Another jump pilot, "Woody" Wood reportedly died when his plane crashed in fog on one of the hills around Danbury airport in the early '90s, but his son Curt, another jump pilot, is still around ( The attached photo should be a memory for all old-timers. Anyone else from that era? Frenchie