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  1. my problem is that the stores never have the Super-Extra long, Extra wide condoms that I have to use. I mean, even the extra-large condoms just aren't big enough. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ok, i actually had a guy try to tell me that's the reason we "couldn't" use condoms. jesus, i must have "dumb fucking bitch" written across my forehead. uhhhh, men never cease to amaze me.
  2. yep, i'm nursing a pretty narly hangover myself, uhhhh, jager bombs...evil, evil things
  3. ok, you guys are my last chance. I am dating a star trek freak and I just broke his Starfleet academy san francisco beer mug. he is absolutely going to kill me. i can't find one on e bay or any suggestions? i know this is the last place on earth i should be posting this it has nothing to do with anything, but i'm desperate. blue skies, Amanda
  4. Howdy! well boys and girls, i'll be back in college station this week! woo hoo! My plane leaves Denver @ 11:00, i'm sooooo stoked 2 be back in TX for a while, hopefully it won't effin' rain the whole time i'm there. I plan on being at the dz next Saturday for sure, possibly Wednesday also. anyway see y'all soon! cieux bleus, Amanda
  5. works for me so far, like i said, the only thing that would be a problem is if i find a job between now and then. if i do, i'll let you know as soon as i can. i have an interview today in laramie (sp?), YUCK! i hope i don't get the job. *crosses fingers* anyway, i'm stoked about our trip. it's gonna be lots of fun. blue skies, amanda
  6. damn, wish i could go! My mom's coming in for 7 friggin days......uggggg. i'm soooo looking forward to the tx trip though, good times, good times. cieux bleus, Amanda
  7. come see me dammit!!! it'll be perfect, we're both unemployed, the weather's fucking beautiful up here, there are at least a zillion fun things to do, and you've got your choice of 3 couches and 1 bed to crash on. pretty please?! ;)
  8. hey perky, when r u leaving Houston? i'd really like to see u before you go . *smmmoooch* in other news, i talked to my parents and they said they'd be willing to let a couple of folks crash @ the house if anyone needs a place to stay in Aggieland.
  9. mmmmm, potato shack. i'd kill for a broccoli bacon and cheese potato right now. damn you dave.
  10. ok, so, we are definitely going to do this. :) yay! I think that 1st week of spring break would be cool flyangel, say the 20th - 25 or 26? I think we should have a little colorado invasion, get as many ppl down to aggieland as is humanly possible. we could maybe stop by skydive dallas on the way down and skydive houston is only like an hour, 45 mins maybe from aggieland. so, we could just make our rounds ;). For those of you that are interested, pm me. there will be plenty of beds, couches, floor space, recliners to pass out in i'm sure. if not i'll see what i can do. ;) bluest skies, Amanda
  11. angel dear, i did, in fact lose your number. :( dates are questionable but i'm sure we could work something out. gimme a call, i'll PM you my # and we'll see what we can do. cieux bleus, Amanda
  12. Congrats Dave and Morgan!!!! She's crazier than i imagined! ;) i've got a dress if she needs one, lol, i'm certainly not going to be using it any time soon. Actually i think i'm going to wait a while before i come down there. tony and i just officially broke up (for good this time) and i'm not sure it would be a good idea to be in town right now. Colorado is a much easier place to avoid reality. i do miss you dearly though aggieland. I also just lost my job the other day so that fucking sucks. i'm broke as hell again dammit. :( this has not been my week, i'm tellin ya. i'll be there soon though. maybe 1st week in march? i dunno. i love you guys! cieux bleus
  13. i'm going to save you the trouble and just tell you up front that i'm an idiot soo,, where is moab? d'oh!